Need help with dual vesc set up!

I’m planning to build a dual set up and was wondering if anyone had suggestions or recommendations.

Parts: -Motor 6374 190KV x 2 -2.4ghz Nano Remote Controller -TORQUE ESC VESC (plan on running can bus) -12sp4 Samsung battery (Samsung 30q) (12,000 man, 532.80 watt hours) (BMS is rated for 30A Continuous Amp Output and 80A Peak Amp Output) -100mm abs all terrain

Questions: -is can bus better? or run the vest individually? -Is my battery compatible with my vesc set up?

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Waiting on the pros to chime in as I’m barely receiving all my parts for my first diy board. I went 10s5p dual 6374. 107 superfly wheels. So not sure about abs100mm. But I do know It was recommended I get 218mm trucks (tb) for my dual 6374 to fit rwd. Are you planning to do a diagonal set up?

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I’m going to be running the same set up as you! 218mm trucks rwd

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I read this forum however I haven’t really conclude which would be better so I’d thought if I gave my specs and see what people would know if they had problems with similar specs.

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Sweet I’ll be following your tread since were going for the same thing…) curious have you made up your mind on a board, enclosure, mounts? I went with the v4s and under the board mount (regular) not the biggest fan. Of reverse mounts. Speaking from absolutely no experience haha. As my parts come in a fuel my itch with a lift board. GL can’t wait to see pics

I get it. That was simply the thread I found most helpful on the subject when I built mine. Personally I went with a split-y cable rather than canbus. I got the impression that it’s more reliable, and I didn’t feel that the advantages of canbus (traction control, etc) made it worthwhile, especially since I have 6374 motors.

Battery is fine. You need to limit each vesc output to 40a at most for 80a total

ok! so when I do all the calculations I have to consider both so I can’t do 50 amp output?

ok I see what you mean! but can you elaborate on how you did the split y cable? and how you controlled both motors with just one remote? I haven’t got the clear message on how to do it from the forum.

I’ll definitely keep you up dated with pics as well! and enclosure I’m not to sure yet waiting on parts to start brain storming!

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You can buy a Y-cable at any decent RC hobby store, and your vescs should have matching cables to each of the y-parts of the splitter. The other end goes in your reciever, usually channel 1 I think. IMPORTANT- your reciever gets its power from the vesc (5v) and it only needs to draw that from one of them! On one of the ends that connects to a vesc you need to cut the red (power) wire so you don’t fry your reciever.

Notice how the cable leading to the right hand vesc has had the red wire cut and heat-shrinked. That’s how it should look.

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(fixed the title for you)

thank you for the detail and the visual! this really helps! I’m leaning towards a master and slave rn. However I will try the y cable as well to see which I prefer!

So i got my parts and everything. Built it but there was a clearence problem when i had my mottors under the board. I decided to reverse it but it looks a bit too low. What do you guys think.

What clearance issues? The reverse mounting look super low, wouldnt do it myself.

Yeah i decided to get risers and made it higher to give me some clearance


You’ve done a great job but one question is it possible to add another vesc to this that can be controlled separately with different controller.


You mean a third one?

You can control each vesc with it’s own controller simply by running a receiver to each one independently, instead of connecting them with a y-cable. I’m not sure why you’d want to do this unless you want serious redundancy (backup controller). Just make sure you pair the controllers and receivers correctly so you don’t send signals to the wrong vesc.