Need help with enclosure! Last stretch of my first build (:

Hi guys!

I made a post a few months ago about parts recommendations for my first build - Help with First Build. I’m currently a student in college, so it’s taken me some time to get parts together. So far I have everything I need to build a basic board, and it’s Spring so I’m getting motivated to finish :smiley:

I soldered a xt90 harness to connect the two 6s lipos in series, and connect to the Focbox. I also filed down a bit of the curved shoulder supporting the hanger on the 9" calibers. I don’t think it will affect the structural integrity, it really is a small bit. Anyway, I got the Boardnamics motor mount put on and assembled with the motor, pulleys, tensioner, etc. It’s really solid, but my 3d printed wheel pulley seems slightly off round, which may cause some problems later. Also connected the Enertion Nano-X receiver and then setup/tuned the Focbox. I’m definitely going to go a bit deeper into the settings when I get a Bluetooth adapter so I can connect my phone.

So I essentially have a rideable board right now. I Gorilla taped the batteries, Focbox, and receiver to the top of the board and took it for a quick test ride in my kitchen. Pretty sure I had it set to something like 20 motor amps in sensored FOC mode, and I quickly learned even on 20 amps I needed to go outside lol. I rode it up and down my driveway a couple of times and everything seemed awesome and it was super torquey even on just 20 amps, perfect for what I wanted.

So in summary, the last thing I need help with now is the enclosure, I’ve been having a bit of trouble figuring something out. I have a Prusa i3, so I can 3d print something. I’ve been trying to CAD something up but Inventor is giving me a bunch of trouble, it’s not even letting me edit the part now lol. I want something to enclose the two Turnigy 5000mAh 6S batteries, the Focbox, the receiver, and in the future a BMS and a Bluetooth receiver. I wanted to have some strategic vents to help get airflow to the Focbox and batteries. I wont be riding it in water, so that’s not a problem. I also wanted to have locations for a battery level meter and a xt90s mounting point as my switch. I don’t really want to buy a pre-made enclosure as they’re kind of expensive for what I can spend, and I have the means on hand to make my own. I can help with dimensions of parts/board space etc, I’ve measured most dimensions with my calipers.


Check out diy junction boxes on Amazon or at lowes/HD. They’re usually only around $10 and work great. Already made to be weather resistant and waterproof.


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