Need help with loose bearing in Six Shooter Hubs

My bearings are loose in my Six Shooter hubs, causing a clicking / rattling noise while riding at any speed. They easily pop off when removing my wheels. Would lubricating the hub housing help? Or would gluing the bearings in place work (that sounds risky to me as the bearings would be stuck there if I needed to replace them). Or do I need to get replacement hubs?

I appreciate any and all help!




Only for a few rides. Recommend glue/above.

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Alright. Thanks!

I would NOT recommend lubricating the outer bearing or the hub that it seats in.
This could only exacerbate the issue.
I would try a different bearing (NOT REDS). This issue has been also covered with the ABEC11 Superfly 107’s What you are hearing is the wheel likely sliding left and right on the the bearings (if that makes sense). With the wheel completely bolted to the axle you can probably grab the wheel and forcefully move it left and right, or caster or camber the wheel (which it should not do). Some people have tried certain types of locktight on the outer bearing and hub. Also, shaving the spacer a little with a file to make the spacer just a hair shorter as to allow the bearings to fit tighter to the hub once bolted.
Hope this helps…

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I’m a victim of loose bearings (on 8" hubs), too. I can feel your pain :wink:

For this issue I use kapton tape which is only 0.04mm thick. If the bearing has play all around the bearing in the hub start with one layer of kapton tape (no overlay), if needed add a second. In my case it’s almost on 2 sides only so I’m adding shorter stripes. This works also great on keys which wiggle in the keyway of the shaft or pulley. Kapton tape for the win! But it is important to have it almost pressfit, otherwise the tape will move later.

This is what I did on some hubs but don’t file too much. Insert the bearings and spacer first and press them together with thumb and trigger finger. Then try to push and pull with this hand to see if the bearing moves sideways. If this is the case then the spacer is too long. If the spacer is too short you would squeeze (harm) the bearings when overtighten the nut.


Occasionally The bearing seat /bearing combo doesn’t work out perfectly…I just put a little loctite on my finger and stick it in my ear.

I kid i kid!

rub a little on the outside case of the bearing and then put it into the seat. Let it sit for an hour or so and then go ride.


:rofl: Do you mean permanent or non-permanent (e.g. 243) Loctite? On the case of the bearing of course.

Never use permanent in your ear!!!

Red can be used in the hub though! Just use a heat gun to remove it. Or a press like you should anyway.


I’m gonna have to buy an arbor press cause my 40ton hydrolic press is just not practical for this application


The bearing loctite retainer worked! Thank you, everyone for your help! The Six Shooters are now as silent as the first ride with them :smile:


teflon tape works too and not as permanent

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Any suggestions on a small Press that works with the shooters? The dedicated skateboard ones I have seen are to small for the shooters.

This is the arbor press I use, but any 1/2 or better press will work. image


Thanks Mike. Can you also remove the bearings without splitting the wheel?

I typically take the wheel apart to remove bearings. There are bearing pullers, but the whole process is a PAI since there’s a spacer in between that is the same inside diameter.

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