Need help with measurments for pulley lock nut design

I don’t trust my measurements with a caliper that they are correct so I need help from you that designed their own pulleys or lock nuts, they should be the same

Im not familiar with 3d design software that uses stl files or how do you guys even menage to work with stl files and share and edit drawings of stuff. But I know the basics of catia and autocad though… Still learning those

So I basically need this dimension so i can machine my own sprockets abec11-refly-97mm-wheels-black_clipped_rev_4_720x720

(distance from center of the axle to the center of the screw for pulley) Im planning to use this on the other side of my sprocket to hold it in place (locknut)

I’m not sure if they have the same core, but my 100mm MBS All-Terrains measure out to be approximately 17mm. You might want to double check if Flywheels and All-Terrains have the same core because I’m not sure. Hope this helps!


Thanks I will check this afternoon :slight_smile:

So no one knows the exact dimension?

Messure from (↔) and devide by 2 and you’ll have center

Nevermind lol. Axle center to mounting screw center.

I’d also say 17mm. I have modified a sprocket to work on a 90mm clone.

These are the sprocket dimentions: image

And this is how it fits on the other side: IMG_20181205_165655_crop

Could you please send me your lock nut file :slight_smile: oh you dont have one lol nevermind thanks for the pic