Need help with my first build!

So this will be my first esk8! But I need help with the parts. I tried searching an answer but I only found topics from 2016. So I decided to make my own topic and ask you what to buy.


Board: I made it at my school for free. Yay!

Battery: I have two 11.1v 2500 mAh LiPo batteries from my rc planes (I’m planning to upgrade but for now I think they are enough because longest distance I have to cover is ~2km)

Trucks: probably caliber 2

Motor mount: I’ll do it myself

Wheels: ? (?=help me)

Skateboard ESC: ?, flipsky

Motor: some 190kv motor

Pulley system: ?

I want the parts to be guality parts that work(of course the cheaper the better).

So if you are kind enought to comment a link or just the name of the product I will be very thankful.(second hand is ok too)

I live in finland so shipping to eu would be nice.

I’ll update this post with all the products you recomend for all the newbies like me.

@dickyho is the seller


I would say get a flip sky vesc about $80 then a Keda 190kv motor or similar $65, maybe hobbykings pulley kit or even 3D print the pulley and just buy a belt and 15t pulley from eBay or on here. And finally for the wheels you could get some wheels from the guy linked above or some on here second hand.

I’ve heard it’s expensive to buy clone wheels in eu so maybe legit wheels would be cheaper.

Good luck with the build and I hope that helps. The parts I recommended are both cheap and reliable as well as being easily sourced in eu. I didn’t want to recommend some of the great sellers on here because shipping costs would kill it

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I used some flipsky escs…they seem to work as expected, on a budget build. Not sure where they ship too… They have an interesting range of budget items.

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There are very good options for just a little more money, for instance I suggest you get good Wheels, they are important because they will give you a more comfortable ride.

Get a caliber 2, affordable and very good.

Use an antispark xt90 loopkey, reliable and cheap


So do you mean the loopkey as a “on/off” swich?

yes, that´s it

I think one of the most important parts are wheels, cheap hard clones can ruin a otherwise perfect board - real ABEC 11’s are truly worth the extra cost!