Need help with power on switch!

I am currently making a new E-Board that will have the Carvon Dual 2.5V. Batteries are Li-Ion 18650

Bat. Spec: Max. Continuous discharge current: 20A Nominal capacity: 3000 mAh Nominal voltage: 3.6 V

I will have them in 12s4p.

So my question is which push button/switch is suitable for high voltage and high current? The voltage will be over 44 volt and current maybe 50 amp.


and it will have VESC

You could use an XT60 antispark or a vedder sparkswitch ( pretty sure @DeathCookies sells kit in EU). Or TB’s switch.

The vedder sparkswitch looks awesome! How does it work? Is it with a push button to start?

The mosfets act as a switch. You can use any switch but I think it has to be latching and DPST or something like that.

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Did you get the V2.5 already?

The V3 will be out on 3 months from now, do you know what would be the improvements over the V2.5? As far as I know the the V2.5 can also hold an ABEC 11 wheel

v2 and v2.5 need highly modified flywheels for the motor. v3 can use unmodified wheels and it has a different motor, possibly new trucks…

And for power, a anitispark switch is the nice way, i would still put a loop key in case something goes wrong, you’ll have a quick battery cutoff.

I havent bought it yet so I will probably wait for the v3

They said it will not be a hub motor any more in the description of the video