Need help with Problems on Carvon V4, give your thoughts!

Hey guys,

So as stated on the title both my drives have problems.

  • the first one is a V3 upgraded to V4, my problem is that one motor heats up exponentially more than the other. The last time i rode the board I had to stop because heat was getting too much and the thermal throttling I usually have didn’t work.

Metr data Motor 1 was at 85° Celcuis Motor 2 was at 165° Celcuis ( crazy I know I think it’s a bug )

When I saw those temps I first thought it was a bug so I touched the motors the first one was casually hot… The second one was so hot I couldn’t even touch it ( touching it for 1/10sec would burn )

I dismantled the motor and here are the pics

IMG_20181123_141218 IMG_20181123_142237 IMG_20181123_142241

I have cleaned everything as much as I could, all the bearings are working fine, no resistance. There’s weird bubbles on the coils. When I put back the rotor there’s a huuuuge resistance and I can feel/hear click click click click when I turn the motor manually with lot of physical resistance.

Is it dead ?

Motor number 2 had a completely different problem I have only rode the drive for 15 km because the ring on the bearing would go out, creating some sort of gap. I stopped to use the drive right away cause security concerns at 30 MPH ya know’ Jerry said it was fine but I was not confident.


I have repaired the problem with a manual press and I kind of did the job, everything is aligned as it should. I dismantled the motor too and inspected inside all seems fine the bearing itselfs rolls well.

But when I put back the rotor in place I have a sort of clicking feel ( but no noise ) like a magnetic click . Now it’s like that, all aligned ( it’s the left motor on the picture ) but I am afraid it will heat up a lot with so much resistance. IMG_20181124_095013__01

Right now I can’t use any of my 1200 $ drive :face_with_raised_eyebrow: so any help or technical tips is appreciated ! Thanks

almost sounds like a short between the windings. i’ve seen this happen on other bldc motors, motor’s probably done i’m afraid

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If there was a short the motor would go up in smoke as soon as it gets plugged in.

@ElskerShadow Do you mind doing a step by step disassembly and assembly? Just in case I ever need to open mine up, it would be nice to have a guide.

Do a foc motor detection, take note and share the R and L values

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Test both motors n compare the numbers

You could reach out to some of the guys on here who are master motor winders and see if they could get re wound?

@Blasto @Hummie I will do that when I have a bit of time. Maybe tomorrow. Hope it’s something that can be fixed. @PXSS I am pretty sure someone did exactly that already, I saw a thread about that. But honestly it’s fairly easy to do. Just remove the 4 screws, pull the rotor ( use some strength) and you have access to everything. Putting back the rotor takes just a bit of patience and precision but is not difficult

I’ve seen this on model planes when there’s a screw driven too far into the motor and it shorts some of the windings out. the motor looks ok and runs, but gets very hot. it definitely sounds like a few of the windings are shorting


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If the only issue is with the windings and everything else is ok. Can etc. You can replace it for about 90€.

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