Need info on esc

Ok so I was researching alot and found that for my first build it would be best if I went with a humble setup. So I ordered a cheap 40 inch board that should work fine but when I was about to order my batteries aka LG/HG2 I asked a bit around the forum and researched it…seems that it’s best if I went with lipo batteries to start. And so I am looking to buy this battery…just one for now so I can get a feel for the board than later buy another one. Battery And I’ve decided to go with a 245kv motor, also from turnigy, the SK3. Seems a well rounded motor. Motor Now the thing I’m worried about is this…I have a 5000mAh battery rated at 125A continuous output which is realistically rated at 100A continuous output (some manufacturers lie about that so taking it with a grain of salt) but I have an ESC that says nothing about what it is rated for. Because I am a noob at this I was wondering is that even an issue because you have a battery that can output 100A if needed but won’t anyways because the ESC is rated prob for 40A or 60A. Now the other thing is I’m worried because the ESC is prob rated at 40-60A that my motor is not going to preform well…or to it’s potential. ESC The last thing is the ESC that is being sold says the max output is 1350W and I have a 2700W motor. Which should mean that it will preform 50% worse? I don’t know honestly because I’ve been searching but noone seems to have these answers or I haven’t been looking at the right place. Please I would like some answers or at least some guidance where I could find them. Thanks!

Is it the same esc?

Yes it is the same one actually nice find!

They work well I build a board for my kids with it and my neighbor rode it went up to 30mph on dual setup 10s battery 97mm flywheels. Really nice

The motor is pretty much defined by the kv and the winding resistance. Ull get pretty much the same torque output w any motors w same kv/KT just the smallest motor w higher elec resistance will be less efficient and get hotter. Motors don’t decide power output w us as much as how many amps are sent to it

That was kind of my question because the esc eboardshop was selling on ebay says it only outputs 1350W but my motor is 2700W I know alot about electricity but not much on limitations that the ESC puts on them or battery thats why I created the thread because I’m not sure what will bottleneck me first the battery shouldn’t be a prob but I’m worried about the ESC limiting it.

Previously I did some calculations and I kind of did it like this if I build a 33v system which is the end goul for my first build…you get 1350W divided by 33.something volts is roughly 40A ehich adds up because my motor pulls max 80A the power is 2700W and the ESC ouputs max 1350w aka 40A which is half of my motor. I guess I just want to double check as a computer technician I’m not the best with motors and electricity… BTW i forgot to ask does anyone know a good ESC that has a remote and supports 80A preferably like the one I mentioned in the thread please feel free to suggest. Just no RC remotes they look ridiculous. Thanks!

I think most people will tell you to get a variant of the vesc. Also I can’t see what battery but lippo probably safer to assume half the C rating. The mini trigger remote may look weird but there are other things worth worrying about and it’s cheap. If I were you I’d get some Lipo and a focbox or something and the mini trigger. Cheap and reliable

I don’t know what you consider to be cheap but for me the foxbox esc is 135 euros and that is a waste of money when I could get a vesc for cheaper something like 100 euros…the point is I’m looking for something that is below 50 euros. About the remote that remote is again overpriced and just ugly tbh if it was 10-15 euros I would def buy it but it is just ugly and 45 euros again…

U can get that remote for that cheap price if u search the forum. A cheap esc…maybe it won’t blow up, maybe it can do the foc program, but I wouldnt trust it.

The esc is the most important part. I’d go cheap or small on everything else n get a solid esc maybe w a warranty if u want to save bucks. Tell us how it goes when u get things going. I’d like to believe there’s a good cheap esc but haven’t seen it