Need Jet Spud 29" deck

idk why people like this deck so much, its kinda like a normal skate deck :confused:

It’s really not. It’s much wider, has only a minimal kick tail, has wheel wells and push wells.


Yeah mike said most of it. The curves are amazing… so sexy (I’m totally biased). It also has a long wheelbase and a short deck size making it great for commuting or use with binding to reach higher speeds. Oh yeah, and it’s sexy… did i mention that?


any other option on sizes between 29-31 inch and have large wheelbase?

only in 2d. the 3d concave is really nice. double the wheel base of a popsicle.

I have an older one That i’m not using, it has 6x m3 inserts and 4x m4 inserts. regular grip. matte grey paint.

(pics will go here…)

Only used for mocking up before I switched it out for a different deck. Gripped with Vicious grip tape

$125 shipped in US 48

Nope, there’s a 33 if that helps

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Unik sells a version of the JetSPud. Same look but concave is a bit different. IMO i like better unik’s one. And i own both deck