Need sensor soldering help (5pin to 6pin JST)

So I’d like to replace the male sensor pieces from my hub motors (5pinJST) to 6pinJST so that they fit into these FVT sleeping Lions. First off, is this even possible?

The problem, as you can see, is that the 6pinJST I want to solder on is not color coded and I have no idea which phases would go where. From what I’ve read I would just not solder the temp wire (the extra wire out of the 6/5) but I have no idea which wire is temp here. They are all black…What do I do??

Can you power the motor and check the pins with a multimeter?

sure I could do that - where do I place the leads of the multimeter? One on the JST pin and the other one?

Neg of ESC should work?

wait, sorry I’m confused.

The negative of wherever your power is coming from should work no?

So just to map out the purpose of this experiment - how am I using the numbers I get in my readings for each of these 5 pins to figure out my soldering situation?

Would I also take the 6pin JST, plug it into the VESC, and then get the readings of the 6 pins from there and then compare the readings across both JST’s?

Do I need to open my battery pack up to do this shit? lol sorry I’m new to this level of measuring current…Or measuring current period…

Nah you just need to find anywhere negative on the same circuit, preferably close to where you are measuring. there’s gotta be somewhere you can stick it :rofl: i would measure all of them and take note of them and try to figure out which is tthe temp sensor fron the readings.

I dont know what im talking about btw, just suggesting the course of action I would take :grimacing:

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You want the readings from the motor, not the ESC. You should have a schematic of the order to the ESC no?

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I’ll have to search for a schematic on this ESC but I’m sure it exists