Need skateboard parts (vesc 4.12,motor mount, motor)

Hi im building my first electric longboard build (im on a budget) I need vesc v4.12 bldc (prefer vesc from diy electric… ) Motor mount for 63mm motor (expensive for me so I prefer cheap option) Motor (190kv from diy electric or sk3 192kv)

I’m from EU (israel) my total budget is 500$ for full longboard.

Please include ur budget

Where are you located? We might change our recommendations based on what’s closer to you.

I would suggest the Axle VESC as it has upgraded parts that better support FOC.

Or the FOCBOX - directfet and heatsink a nice upgrade over regular 4.12

I’d also suggest @Shogu12’s mount, or @korryh mounts for less expensive options. I would prefer Korry’s between the two (have both).

Single motor setup - get 15mm wide gears/belts if you can, or 12mm if you are a lightweight rider.

I’ll add that the DIYes motor is really really nice. THe longer shaft w/ 3mm keyway and sensored are definitely worth a small premium if you can swing the budget for it. THe SK3 motors are also nice, but shorter shaft, you need to dremel a flat spot, or divot for grub screws… If you are already getting parts from DIYes i’d get his gears as well. I like the 40t gear as it keeps speeds down when you are running 8/10/12s.

@willpark16 Budget for whole longboard is 500$ using 8s with option to upgrade to 12s @sl33py Live in israel

That’s doable with lipos

How heavy are you? A lot of hills or flat?

500 should be doable - but some compromises likely needed. Usually you’ll get lipo as willpark suggests, but you might also get lower C lipos or smaller capacity (or both).

Do you have a deck already picked out or in hand? If not i’d suggest a stiff downhill deck with wheel cutouts for easiest wheel fit without risers (if possible, or minimal). No drop through deck (though you can top mount), and avoid flexy if possible (doable but a lot more work).

if you want to move up to 12s, on 4.12 VESC - i’d stick to the 149 or 168kv. or max 10s on 190kv. You’ll start to be on the edge of the 60k ERPM limit on 12s >168kv. You can software limit, but being on the dge is usually less-than-ideal and if you go downhill too fast even with software limits you can burn out the DRV chip.

Being in Israel i might suggest one of the European esk8 suppliers or Enertion - has a couple VESC options i believe, and teh FOCBOX from Enertion (direct FET goodness).


I don’t know the DIY 4.12 but generally I want to mention that you won’t save money with cheap V4.12! And never buy maytech crap! I have 4 faulty vescs (no warranty) 2 FLIER and 2 MAYTECH, all I wanted was saving money :sob:. As @sl33py mentioned, get a quality one from @esk8 with 2 years warranty, they have direct FET version now, too.

Everytime when I want something on a budget it gets more expensive in the end. If you don’t have the money right now it’s better to wait instead of having a faulty vesc, just my cents…

You can get cheap lipos at hobbyking, they have battery clearance right now :grin:

For motor this is probably your best option:

As long as you stay to 10s or less! You do not want to run 12s and 190kv, or risk killing DRV chips (again even with software 60k limit set).

I assumed they’d be 10s or under considering OP is on a budget… :slight_smile:

I thought so too, until saw:

Just want to make sure we steer him to something that works now, and later if he goes 12s.

I have all items.

deal off ebay will have 10% off.