Need some advice for battery pack LG HG2 18650 and Samsung 18650 30Q6

Hello guys

I am working on building an E-board for my son.The truck,belt motor,ESC,deck and wheels are done. Now i am looking for battery pack,but i am not sure 10S3P or 12S2P. For 10S3P version,I can’t decide LG HG2 18650 or Samsung 18650 30Q6?

This 8.0AH battery is very good option for a small-ish battery

Made with 40T Samsung cells, 288wh, 10S2P with up to 60a output if needed, but better off running it at 40A for longer life.

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Thanks very much,even 40A battery,the ESC is hobbywing,only 24A ESC.

it comes down to what motor, the more current, the higher the cell output needed. check the cells discharge curves and cycle life stats too.

Yes,even the battery can discharge 40A,but 24A ESC,pass 24A current through the motors.The max power of the motors are about 1008W. PS:10S3P battery pack.

yeah avoid calculating average/constant current. I always use cabling and rating stuff well more than needed, like assuming peak current as constant…etc. last thing you want is heat on cables wasting energy or worse, melting wires due to riding uphill for 5 mins…etc.