Need some help before i make another mistake please

Hello, As the title says ive made some mistakes.

I initially purchased a trampa board with 6.5 inch wheels then decided to go for an undermount enclosure since my living circumstances changed and long story short it was too close to the ground for my liking so i got 200x50mm MBS wheels to replace my Urban carver wheels and i had already ordered my chain drive 35T/10T to go with this build running at a 3.5 ratio (35T/10T)

im considering upgrading to a helical gear drive instead though i was hoping to get 60-70kmh top speed but also keep a reasonable amount of torque since i live in the city i practically stop on every corner and my wowgo can get up to speed with the 10s2p battery but with a quick test running single drive with this setup 192kv SK8 motor with a 35/10T i had 0 torque. was difficult to push start with bindings but once i started moving i literlly had to hold full throttle to climb in speed, i had hooked up the metr app since i just got the module today since i blew one of my vesc yesterday doing a test run. this time i had monitored every step of the way through the app so i was only pulling an average of 8-12 amps

My question is will there be any difference in torque if i go 4:1 or 5:1 i plan on keeping the 200mm MBS wheels since they have good ground clearance but i would have liked to use the 165mm Trampa wheels since they felt a lot better for my daily use.

MY goal is to have a good amount of torque to throw me off the board but also maintain a decent high speed

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