Need some help for HM-10 Module on iPhone

Hi everyone I have the HM-10 Module but when I turne on my board on I can find on the Bluetooth to my phone Ps vesc 6 Thank you

What app ? If it works the same way as on Android, you don’t need to connect to it via the settings menu, you just need to start the app and connect to it using the app. Also, some apps require you to cross RX and TX wires when connecting the HM10 to the VESC.

The app on my phone is metr

It might be better to go ask in the official thread then

Thank you man

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You can only use metr if you bought the module from him. Generic HM10 will not work.

the Metr module/app setup uses a higher baud rate than some other modules. UART, make sure Baudrate is 115200 bps