Need suggestion on cheap All Terrain Electric Skateboard


I plan to buy a Cheap all terrain electric skateboard (below $1000).

I consider:

  1. Fiik Street Surfer with Sealed Lead Acid Battery $880 or Big Daddy with Sealed Lead Acid Battery $930

  2. China made ($765) which is bigger motor & cheaper but unknown quality.

Product details: Range:18 km Max speed :45 km/h Battery : Lithium battery 11000 mah Double motor power : 1650 w * 2 Wheel Size : 200 mm * 50 mm

I would appreciate some suggestion or other cheap all terrain brands.

Looking at the first two boards, if you get the ones that use SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries, I think you you will be disappointed. SLA batteries are heavy and not very powerful (at least compared to the weight). They sell a LiFePO4 version which I think would be much better. I frankly don’t think you’ll even be able to get to the speeds they advertise if you get the SLA powered version.

As to the one on aliexpress, I am solidly against any chinese pre-builts, so I’d say run. I know that’s not what you wanted to hear, but they almost always cut corners on the batteries and the ESC at the very least (which are frankly the most important, and most expensive, parts) and often the motors as well.

“Cheap” and “all terrain electric skateboard” are frankly opposites. I would not expect to spend below 1200-1500 for a halfway decent all terrain board. A good one will easily run you 2000+

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These specs are for the Li-ion battery. They aren’t going to post realistic specs for lead acid because it will behave like a child’s ride’on toy. and they seem trustworthy, as they were already selling eboard for some time

Thanks. I will not go with their SLA batteries and their LiFePO4 expensive. I will search more option.

I will take a look at this one. Thanks.