Need to borrow a welder: mid east coast

Need to use someone’s spot welder, anywhere near Delaware. Need to weld a 12s4p together, just the nickel then I can do the rest at home. PM me if you can help, thanks!

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Bump, also how do you clean a cell to be re welded? There are spikes of nickel on all the ends, if I file I’m worried the dust will short the positive terminal

I’ve used a dremel cut off disk at lowest speed and ground them off using the same care as if I were in the OR.

Curious how others do it too.


I guess masking off all but the spikes like a real surgery and grinding it is…96 times…

I got a malelectronics adurino powered one from Germany that is much better than the sunkko one I had that broke. Cheaper too.

I’m west coast, though. I gotta get my act together and finish a pack for the Colorado June meet up. If I finish up the packs in next month or so, you could use it.

You would have to hunt down a lipo power source though.

That would be amazing! I’m pretty sure I can get my hands on a lipo…3s right?

Same way for me.

Recommendations for surface finish? I’m assuming that’s smooth is better

Bump for the hunt, needs to be close because I no longer have any control over my schedule so notice time is like a week