Need to contact @martinsp

Hello. This is a thread regarding my experience with @Martinsp `s services. specifically his vesc repair service.

It all started when I needed 3 focboxes repaired. I knew Martin did these repairs, so I contaced him and asked if he could repair them (DRV replacement). He said he could repair them within 24 hours, when received.

On july 30th (7 weeks ago) I sent him the 3 focboxes by mail. 10 days later I asked him to confirm that he had received the package , but there was no response from him. I had to send him multiple messages to finally get a response; finally after 3 weeks since received the focboxes, he messaged me saying the focboxes, were all fixed. (this was supposed to take 24 hours). He said he needed some parts before the focboxes where 100% fixed, but asked of a paypal payment of 105 euro.

I was in a bit of a doubt to pay, as he had sent no pics of even receiving the package, so I asked him gently to sent me some pics and videoes to confirm that they all in working order now. He said he wouldnt be at his workshop for two days, but he would gladly send pictures/videoes to confirm. This was the last response I got from him, almost 3 weeks ago.

Since then I have tried to contact him by multiply messages here, by SMS and even by mail, but this is starting to look like a scam from @Martinsp

I dont know what I can do about this, but if anyone have any ideas let me know.

Due to this happening I higly discourage anyone to buy anything from @Martinsp or his website


He is not a scammer but is always very busy and sux at communication. Keep mailing. Eventually will reply.


I hope thats the case, but I’ve lost some faith due to the very long time waiting.

yeah there’s to much SCAMMER hype going on here.

But meh some sellers do annoyingly take ages it’s life.


He has done more then 3 repairs for me, It take always a long time because he is very bussy. But a scammer? No way!


I can only speak from my own experiences. The service which was supposed to take a week, have now taken 7 weeks. Since he dropped all contact, this is starting to feel like a scam. Hopefully he can get in here and clear his name.

I have recently sent him a vesc6 to fix still waiting for his reply whether he has recieved it or not

Do you have any update for either of us @Martinsp

Hello everyone. I understand your frustration however Martin is not available for a week now hopefully he will recover next week and be ready to fulfill your orders and repairs. Unfortunately I am not able to help you at the moment as I am not a technician nor am I trained to respond to your technical questions.

Martin will reply as soon as possible. He should be able to on Tuesday, maybe even earlier hopefully.

We are sorry again, tank you for your understanding. Best regards, Jana customer service of


Thanks a lot for your update are you by any chance able to answer are pm conversations and just confirmation delivery of our items or send a picture of them with you

I trust you just to get rid of every bodies suspicion

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I ordered several items in April… at this point I have no use for them, along with the non working “push to start” antispark…sent several pm’s and messages on forums to zero response


Any update @Martinsp

Have you got back yet

Are you able to reply to our pms

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Have sent several pm’s, still nothing.

Repairing stuff is the worst job you can have honestly

The man is busy af all the time, and thats probably his “hobby” job and not full time and sometimes (very often) life gets in the way of providing excellent service

So be understandable pay the man and enjoy your now working focboxes


He isn’t repairing anything of mine. He sold me (and many others) a product that did not work as advertised and has yet to ship 3 pwer buttons i ordered in April!!! I have loopkeys now and dunno id i can refund since I waited so damn long hoping he was just “busy”

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Not really impressed with the number of similar posts lately: “trusted member that offers service is months late, wtf?!” And everyone defends the seller even though he is months late. “he’s busy, life gets in the way, he’s just slow, but you’ll definitely get it!, etc”

WTF. If I buy a product/service from a trusted member, I’d expect it to get done in a reasonable amount of time. I don’t care that they are highly ranked and vouched for. Months of delay without communication is pretty unacceptable. I bet if users had known it would take this long, they would not purchase the item/service in the first place.


@Acido Yea I wish I could send him the money and get this out of the world, however sending $100+ to a person who havent even responded to my messages for over 4 weeks, seems a bit risky. I have no evidence that he has even received the package.

I am not asking him to ship my package within 2 days, I am asking him for as little as a reply. A reply that will take one minute to write.

Dont know why the title was changed @DerelictRobot ? As per today I still see this as scam, until I receive more (any) information from @Martinsp

@murdomeek Abseloutely, and thats my point. I am fine with waiting for a bit (I understand unforeseen things can happen), but not months without communication.


Because being bad at running your small business isn’t quite the same as actively scamming people. Enertion has gotten away with worse.

He’s had a long enough history of contributions to be given the benefit of the doubt before being publicly defamed. Things happen in the real world, most of the services/parts here being offered are by individuals or very small companies, not large corps. With that said, the general ship times of most small esk8 outfits could use some improvement/better communication.

Unsurprisingly skaters generally make terrible business people, the skills it takes to create products or offer services are not the same ones it takes to run a successful business with happy customers and accountability. Clearly.

I’m not a mod here, just a Regular level user that is granted the ability to edit titles as we see fit. You’re welcome to disagree with it, I just wanted to give you my explanation.


Yea, I wouldnt send him the money if I was in your situation.

But in the end all I was trying to say that hes a legit guy and will deal with this for sure, I admit the delays are huge but im sure theres a reason

Hello everyone,

firstly let me apologize for my absence. I understand your frustration regarding repairs and shipping orders. I too would be afraid of being scammed in a situation like this. The reason is my health. Now that probably sounds suspicious, like an excuse. I will not go into too much detail as it is not important I just had some health issues from the beginning of this year with my lungs possibly from inhaling soldering fumes. I hope you understand that I put my health in front of any business related issue. I was hoping that you as my customers would not notice this if I replace me by my friend Jana, it helped partially but as she does not have knowledge of electronics (yet) she was not able to repair your devices or reply to technical customer questions.

What to do now? Well I will be replying to emails, PMs, WhatsApp, SMS messages today and probably most of tomorrow. I have a “pile” of devices to fix which will be surely done over the weekend, no excuses. I will contact you all with any updates about your orders and repairs on Sunday or Monday.

I of course am planning on doing something to avoid issues like this in the future. Of course I have had a much better fume extraction system installed in my shop with proper air filtration. I never thought too much of this and was happily using just a carbon filter and a fan pretty much but it apparently was not enough, if you are planning on spending time soldering be sure to use the proper gear that protects your health.

More importantly for you, I will have more help possibly employees to make sure that my absence does not affect the business, after all I would like this to turn to my full time job and being a scammer is obviously not the way to go.

Bottom line is I am sorry and I will resolve this issue permanently as best as I can. Regards, Martin. You will hear from me soon! :slight_smile:


@Martinsp If u dont mind to share the details, for how many hours a day u were soldering to get sick?

Always knew fumes were bad but I guess your case shows it can cause sickness relatively fast… especially even when using filter and fan