Need to find a good 40" or so drop throught cruzer to make an Evovle style board, any ideas?

As said above, I need to find a board that is heavy duty enough to hold my electronics but the trucks also have to go through the board in a drop down style Cruzer, much like this board here any ideas? Plain would be ideal here. I like plain boards.

Maybe here. Check the site

Hey @Cazbuilds - you can do this, but possibly not with drop through. The motor mount usually gets in the way when turning/leaning… I’ve tried and still hope to figure out an alternative.

A drop deck is doable - but your challenge there is getting a motor mount that lets the motor clear the deck at lean as well. Likely why the Evolve boards are reverse mounted (out the back vs under in front of truck).

One of my favorite sites for inexpensive plain boards -



when turning and leaning i do not seem to have a huge problem because my motor is mounted behind the board, here’s a picture of my prototype that Im testing. The board is simply to small at the speed that I am going.

So right now I just need to figure out a good deck that can be ridged enough to not have the battery box gets destroyed.

Landyachtz top speed or a Comet loki might work well

the top speed will not work because it looks like its 36" but the other one might! good suggestion.

That’s if you can find one I suppose - think they are mostly in the UK. It’s what I am using and think it’s going to work really well.pretty stiff too which is nice.