Need to insulate packs with enclosure as one unit


I’m essentially trying to find a way to combine the enclosure and batteries into one solid waterproof pack that won’t move. I was thinking of squishing the batteries in RedGuard shower waterproofing rubber (sold by the gallon) and topping it off with the rest, making everything one big solid, yet flexible block.

Some people say this would cause a heat issue, but I don’t see what difference it would make vs a well insulated, double heat-shrunk pack in regards to heat.

Batteries: Samsung 30q (10s4p) Parallel connection: 0.15mm nickel strip Series connection: 5/8" flat tinned braid (10 AWG or less equivalent)

I’m assuming the 30q’s built-in insulation ring provides enough protection without having to add a second ring on top (which also creates an air gap)?


I will also be adding insulation between the left and right 4p packs to be sure they don’t move.

Any other ideas?

Potting compound. Alternatively, large amount of liquid etape