Needed - t52 /t60 Pully for MBS Rockstar II (EU/GER)

I was searching this forum and the internet for rockstar 2 pullys and couldnt find one, except for some 72t ones. I need t52 or t60 pullys, which are really cheap to buy or just the .stl or even fusion360 files. Are you guys aware of something like that? Please let me now.

Closest i heard of is you can get a 66 tooth aluminum sprocket from trampa but will have to make adapter. I used the disk from the mbs brake kit and that worked fine.

I asked the same question on the replacement forum at esk8 news I did find a 62T pulley. if that works for you.

@Haze-Gray The replacement forum at esk8 news also replied with a 60T answer right away.

Yesterday my Rockstar 2 hubs arrived and i started modeling my own. I’ll go with just 3d-printing. If i’m confident with my design i’m going to post it here in the forum.