Needing batteries help for the Uk!

In the UK it seems alot harder to come across batteries and im now thinking 18650’s aren’t worth the fuss. so i’m looking for 2x 5s 5000mah lipo’s bearing in mind i dont have a lot of money to spend can anyone recomend anything. these would also be paired with a bms and XLR charger from a hoverboard.

Also was wondering has anyone tried these hoverboard batteries, what are your thoughts on them? image

Check out Ownboard / Meepo / Wowgo batteries. Last time i checked, one of them (i think Ownboard) was doing 10S 2P 30Q pack for about £110 shipped to UK.

The hoverboard power pack will probably use low discharge cells (highly likely not even genuine ones).

Edit: My bad, seems they are now £150 shipped for the 30Q one. They do have cheaper lower capacity ones, but they handle current worse, and these are worth the extra money.

what @Vykku says, don’t buy this battery. it is made from samsung 22P cells, which has very low discharge rate and big voltage sag. some Meepo V1 batteries were made from those cells, and I am telling you this from my own experience. even with meepo esc, which could draw only 24 amps, battery had strong sag and low performance when it was not full.

i was about to suggest Tinp123 this was what i read from him in another thread…

"I have 30Q cells at home, also I have D140 and D596 for 10s and D140 for 12s.

My price is 4,80 eur per cell (includes cell, my work, fishpaper, nickel…) and 50 eur for D140 or 80 eur for D596 bms. I can add led on/off switch for 3 eur and/or battery % display for 5 eur with D596 bms.

For example, 10s4p with d140 bms is: 10 x 4 x 4,80 eur + 50eur (bms) = 242 eur. + shipping (20-30 eur with GLS to most of EU)"


Being from the UK, here are our best options:

  • Builders from the EU can build good packs pretty cheap
  • Meepo sells a 10S2P 40T Pack, which is slightly better than a 10S3P 30Q Pack.
  • Wowgo sells a 10S4P Sanyo GA Pack for $320, good for single motor belt or hub builds
  • Build your own with cells from Fogstar wholesale

If you want to build and want to use HG2 cells, I will have a few left I can sell cheap after I’ve built my own packs.

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