New 10s bms still not charging need help from the pro!

I posted last week that I shorted the charging port terminals of my 10s battery. I inspected the bms and battery no burn wires or burn bms resistors. I decided buy a new 10s bms for safety and installed it. I charge the battery but the battery charger lit green all the time not charging? Fyi. my current voltage on 10s pack is 33.7v maybe do you think its too low? won’t charge? I tried to bypass the bms direct but still green light on my charger. Need a advice what to do next. Pardon my grammar second language. Thank!

The charge voltage of a 10s pack needs to be 40-42v. This is your issue

Thanks! How going to charge it. It won’t charged?

Not sure what that means, but google 42 volt charger and buy one that fits your charge port

Jake already have a charger 42v 2amp. Tried charging it still won’t charge. I’m not sure 33.7v 10s battery pack is low. Or Do I charge the battery individually to reach 4.0v?

What kind of battery? TB or BKB maybe custom? You shorted the charge port. What else ? Can you examine the bms and wiring? You most likely have something else fried. Charger maybe fried

It’s charging now and I have no idea what happen? I purchased the battery from AliExpress. Just replace BMS today and having problem charging earlier. Maybe there is loose wire. I’m waiting full charge and re+check all wiring connection.

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I would be a bit concerned that there is a bad connection. That comes from someone who has had a board catch on fire

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So the balance wires where already connected? If yes make sure that they also fit to your new bms. Sometimes the balance- is the first wire, sometimes the last wire, sometimes you don’t need a balance - at all as it’s connected on the pcb to the main -.

The voltage shouldn’t be an issue way it’s not charging as long as your pack not under 25V. You said now it’s charging, but to be safe check the output voltage on your charger too.

PS: take care with batteries from AliExpress. You never know what they sell you. If you have the opportunity, check the temperature the first times you ride to make sure they don’t overhead

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I agree buying unknown batteries pack from AliExpress is dangerous. I’m was desperate because no one can ship lithium battery pack in Hawaii very strict regulations. I’m in big surprised! they able shipped 10s3p lithium battery to my state. How? No idea at all. I purchased new BMS from eBay US seller $30.00 Surprisingly, my old BMS sensor wires same settings with my new BMS. all I need just connect C- P- B-. My battery full charge now at 40.9v. Checkbatteries temp not warm. Voltage output on my charger 41.9v.

As long as it’s coming over sea or land you can ship batteries. Just by air it’s a problem.

It’s good that your batteries not warm after charging but I meant to check the temperature after discharge. Ride some miles and check if they get hot. If you charge with 1-4a they will not get hot, but if you discharge them with 20-80a they can get hot, depending on the quality they are. If you just cruiz and they get already hot than better take care.

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I did ride the board last week after I shorted the charging port not a smart decision on my part could get hurt. Anyway, test the battery lots of Hill climb. The battery is slightly warm but DIYeboard esc is hot discharge rate 25amp per motor max 50amp, if I’m not mistaken. I’m still paranoid about battery pack I put it in metal case😂

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With batteries better save than sorry :wink: