New 12S4P battery charging procedures?

Hey guys I’m just curious if there is a certain way you need to break in your battery? I read a post recently that said it extended your battery life a lot when you did partial charge cycles (30% to 70% for example).

Don’t discharge past 3.7v per cell and charge to 4.15v per cell and you could extend the life of your pack to 4 times it’s normal cycle count.

That being said, if you discharge 99% and full charge everytime it’s still good for 500 charge cycles. If you ride everyday that’s a year and a half.

I guess what I’m saying is it’s worth worrying too much about. Of you have a quality pack your good to go.


Thanks. It’s a Torque Board’s 12S4P with 30Q. So decent? Also I have no idea how to check with volts. Just says percentage.

Yeah that’s a good pack. I have a couple, have discharged then to empty on multiple occasions and never had an issue.

Is 12s so your max voltage is 50.4v. Max discharge is 3.0v per cell, multiply by 12 cells you have 36v. If you keep the pack percentage above 72% your good.

I’d keep it 75% whenever you can, but don’t loose sleep over it.

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Hi @mmaner I just get this battery myself and just want to be sure i underdtand well what you are saying, its better if i leave battery at 75% instead of 100%or its better if i dont go lower than 75% when i use it ? Thanks ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The most comfortable condition for 18650s is at 3,6V per cell. So if you hold them around that it’s always best. Charging up to 4.1V instead of 4.2V can increase your cell cycle life to the double, but as @mmaner said don’t break your head over that too much. You can get a lot of cycles out of your pack even if to charge it up to 100%. Just don’t over discharge you pack and if you plan to go for a longer vacation or have a winter break try to store your pack at 3.6v (round about) and you good to go

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If u charge cells to 4.15 they likely will fall back to 4.1 if charged quickly. If we’re talking ion cell’s their discharge level will be lower than lipo and less than that 3.7 (I go down to 3.5 with lipo).

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I’m saying if you discharge to 75% you will be good, as in won’t iver discharge. I’m not comfortable using percentages. I want to either see the cell voltage average or the pack voltage. But some people either like the percentage display or don’t have a choice.

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