NEW 190kv SK3 6364 for sale

I was near done with by build when I found out i may not be able to use it hardly at all this summer. I have all the parts except; VESC, motor mount, pulley kit and enclosure. What I do have is:

FunBox deck(keeping)

190kv turnigy SK3 6364 motor

caliber trucks(keeping)

flywheel clones(keeping)

Bones reds bearings(keeping)

GT2B controller (sold)

Chi Boards 10s4p battery pack I got slightly used for a great deal directly from @barajabali. He went over it completely to make sure everything was good, have not used it yet.(sold)

All the parts mentioned are brand new(except the battery which is like new). I am asking for $550 OBO plus shipping (US only). If you want a complete board, you can just paypal me the costs to make it a complete board up front and then pay the 550 once you want to buy. The reason for that is i don’t want to put money into something i may not be able to sell. If there is enough interest i would be willing to sell the parts separately, but would rather sell it all at once.

Please PM me if you are interested or have any questions. Will upload pictures soon.

How much for battery

where do you live?


Around 300 shipped then.

Hmmm alright

Interested in a motor and remote to go with that?:wink:

Color of the clones? PM me price for these and bearings if you end up splitting it

If you want specs they can be found here

Does the battery come with a charger? Does it come with USB ports to charge devices? Does it come with a vedder anti-spark on/off switch? Very interested in the battery

Yes it comes with a laptop style charger, anti spark switch, built in BMS, and a battery percentage indicator. No USB, but if your handy with a soldering iron I’m sure you could figure something out.

This could help

How much for the motor?

I am keeping the long board. Battery and motor still up for grabs.

Do you still have the battery?

Have both the battery and the motor.

Still have the battery and motor.

How bout photos?

Oh yeah, I forgot about that :sweat_smile:.