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New 5055 280KV 2200W EPOWER Motors TORQUEBOARDS

New 5055 280KV EPOWER Motors which is currently in production.


ETA is about End of July 2016.

I’ll have 50mm motor brackets on my latest v4 Motor Mount to fit for these motors.

They are 55mm in length which allows you to fit them on a dual rear setup with 12mm width belts.

This motor was designed with higher KV for a 6S setup to go about 25mph+. Dual motors on the rear would only cost $120 with the pre-order price and/or $150 Original. You won’t notice less torque on these motors because we’ll they are fast at 280KV.

This motor is designed close specs as one of my original boards which was a dual diagonal 5065 280KV SK3 setup on 6S. That board went 25mph+ and climbed 20-30% inclines with ease. However, it’s been highly upgraded. Changed to 55mm length to accommodate dual rear setups. No more 6mm motor shafts that can crack. No more motors without a keyway. No more too short of a motor shaft issue. Extended stator size for more power same as a 5065. More durable wiring 14awg high silicone wires w/ 4mm Bullets. No need to go 12S, use 6S voltage.

Current Pre-Order Price is $60 per motor with original price being $75. Offer ends June 24th Friday.

The design and motor will be 5055 and will be a similar design to our current motor series.

Motor Features

  • We cut off 10mm that way you can fit them on your 180mm Caliber Trucks! Went from 5065 to 5055. The best part is we increased the stator size of our motor so you get the same stator size as a 5065 motor! Our new stators are 40.5mm x 30mm.
  • Extra long motor shafts which will fit our 12mm width pulleys. Also has an 8mm motor shaft, keyway, flatspot and cir-clip.
  • 14awg high strand silicone wire with 4mm gold bullet connectors.
  • Sensored motor!
  • Magnet retainer ring is included.

Any questions… please let us know!


What is the mounting hole distance?

@Lizardking0069 - It’s the same as most standard motors 21mm in a square pattern bolt to bolt.

I like it, i was thinking of installing it on my yuneec ego since it uses a sensored motor, but the bolt pattern on it is 34mm from my caliper measurements. Ill take a look at the mount and see if i can make it work. Also I’m running 8s 15-35 tooth. Would that work with this motor?

You are measuring the diameter in a circle pattern. You should measure the holes next to each other directly (as he said "in a square pattern)

So contact the inside of the holes with the caliper?

It’s center to center 21mm for the 50mm motors and 31mm for the 63mm motors. Which is standard sizing across the board. I haven’t found any motors that didn’t have the same sizing at least in the 50mm/63mm motor family.

50mm is 30mm for the circle diameter.

unrelated, you getting any abec11 12mm wheel pulleys in stock soon?

@delta_19 - Yeah, they are in stock now.

can i run them at 8s?

@willpark16 - Yeah, you can run them at 12S but they may run a bit hotter when heavier throttling.

Measured again, it comes out at 24mm since the screws are 4mm. This is an uncommon mount.

lol… they are all the same… The standard is below…

21mm square 30mm circle for 50mm motors.
31mm square 44mm circle for 63mm motors.

square and circle is both measured center to center of the bolt hole.

So your motor is most definitely a 21mm square or 30mm circle diameter which is just a 50mm motor or at least should be… not sure why the photo above was 34mm or so… Usually, they are all the same.

I just reaized 24mm ~ 1.0 inch. Maybe Yuneec used the english system for the bolt holes. I’ll re-measure them to make sure.

Also, how are the hall effect sensors distribuited on your motor? This motor has three sensors but they are not at 120deg from each other. Yuneec installed the sensors sequentially on three consecutive poles. Maybe this is why people cant get this motor working in the vesc.

Internal PCB with 120 degree hall effect sensors for our motors.

You have a 50mm motor with 21mm square mounting holes. 28mm that you measured isn’t center to center. Unless the 24mm you measured is center to center.

what kind of configuration can i use for this engine? type 12s4p . I plan to use 18650 lithium ion cell batteries