New 50A Maytech dual ESC?

I was wondering if anyone has tried this ESC and/or has any thoughts about it. It is $200 at the moment.

I wonder how would this one fare vs Flipsky’s dual 4.20.

never tried but the Flipsky 4.20 is shown to be pretty good even for FOC. and it is cheaper. probably not worth buying that maytech. forgot to mention their express shipping.

But heard some people having trouble with it, only in 12s though.

imo 10s is all you need for a v4 Vesc. if you wanna go 12s might as well use the FS 6.6. ofc i’m slightly biased.

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yes, I have tested one of their duel 50a units and its good for the price and runs smooth in foc

Maytech’s or Flipsky’s?

maytech, still waiting on the flipsky

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