NEW 6374 ADDED New and Used Items for Sale- Enertion and LHB motor mounts, TB 218s with caliber baseplate, 12s BMS, etc

I need to finance my next build, so I figured I would sell many of the extra parts I have laying around. Items will be shipped UPS; Continental US buyers only. Open to offers; PM me.

IMG_1613 TB 6374 with key. This motor is new; it has been mounted but never run under load. Looking for $110 shipped; PM with offers

IMG_1623 IMG_1624 TB 218s with venom bushings and a caliber 44 degree baseplate on the rear truck. $75 shipped

IMG_1622 marcmt88 idler mounts. The clamps are fit for tb 218s. one motor screw and two plate-to-clamp screws have a slot for a flat head screwdriver on the mount on the left, as the heads of the cap screws stripped. $45 shipped each $85 shipped for both

IMG_1625 12s BMS. It was in my LHB custom but is too big for the rebuild im doing. Not sure of exact current ratings but if it was my LHB custom I would guess 60-80a. $40 shipped

IMG_1629 44 degree caliber trucks; $33 shipped

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Willing to pay the extra pennies for shipment to EU. Intrested in TB trucks.

pm’ed 10 char

are the marcmt88 mounts for use with 15mm drives?

@mynamesmatt They were sold as such and I have the 15mm motor pulleys if you would want them, but the idlers fit 12mm belts a bit better

where in europe are you…ive gotta extra set id let go of

Cold north, Sweden