New 6s board idea Graphene battery

I have yet to see a graphene battery build and lately they have been getting good reviews so i was wondering if u guys think it would be a good idea to use them.

go for it!

u think the battery is just a special lipo or something that can be copared to a li ion battery pack?

you want to run it with a li-ion?

I was thinking about just this one battery

15c… gonna need higher than that! 20 or 25c atleast.

really i thought multistar was only 15c

My question is how safe it is? So is it lipo or graphene?

graphene and the life cycle is actually over 600 Here is a small test. Life. Cycle for 900 is 85% quite nice.

im just gonna test em out and see wht happens

does anyone know how loud a chain drive is?

15C sounds fine, that’s 120A discharge! Also I haven’t read much into but it just looks like Graphene branded lipos use graphite as the carbon cathode, I’m not sure what they normally use.

oh my bad! didn’t realize it was 8000mah…

So, it’s still a Lipo Right?

Looks decent considering $/mah and size and discharge. I wonder what voltage is max, is it just like lipo? Also what about fire hazard, do they blow up or smoke?

“Calling these LiPo’s ‘graphene batteries’ is a complete misnomer. They are Lithium Polymer batteries with the graphene used to pass conducted electricity from the cells. We’re still a long way from GRAPHENE batteries. You seem to understand that in the video, but calling them graphene batteries is a misnomer!” Copied from youtube comment about graphene battery.

They also seem to come with a G10 plate in them too. Starting to gain traction in the FPV Multi rotor crowd.

Its the recharge cycles that are what amaze me and the rate they are being discharged with no harm to the cells

Still lipos, just a marketing gimmick seems like.