New 97mm 76a wheel on the market by EVOLVE!

Evolve has just released new board: EVOLVE GTX which means …we all are gonna have new wheels to play with. Seems like a nice 97mm 76a wheel.

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Are these abec or orangatang style spokes?

Is the core the same as any other wheel ?

Looks like Abec core,to me.

when can we get them

Guys who knows …they have released it today!

did the Abec 11 Pulley fit there other Evolve 83mm wheel?

It sure did!

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There is already a thread on this right?

Sorry brother …I might have missed this one.

No worries :slight_smile:.

Wonder how Wide the new 97mm wheel is?

Exactly! Really want a 97mm wheel that is a bit wider than the Abec’s or the Trampa stickies…

It is a little bit wider and I hear it rides better.

Does anyone know if these will fit a Raptor v1 with Enertion’s stock pully?

EDIT: nevermind. didn’t realize this thread was referring to the EVOLVE branded wheels. I have Flywheels that were purchased from Evolve, thus the initial mistake


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No worries, I pulled the trigger anyway. I’ll leave you guys feedback on how well they ride or if they even fit. Crossing fingers.

They should fit, I ordered 2 sets myself.

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Nice! A good bit wider contact patch than the flywheels.

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Those gold colored motor cans though :joy: