New and broke builder, I need some clarification help with a build i'm currently busy with

I’ve been busy with a budget mountain board build, with most of the money going towards a Trampa truck, 9-inch mud plunger tyres and a Stormcore 60D that I salvaged from one of my previous builds.

The motors I’m running are the fFipsky 6374 motors, but I’m running into an issue where the shaft of the motors doesn’t reach the end of the motor pully, which I’m worried will cause some problems considering I’m a heavy rider (100 plus kg). The gap is only three or so millimetres by my best estimates, and I would like to know if this is a problem and if I should budget to buy new motors with a longer shaft.

Secondly, I am building the battery out of recycled cells from lime scooters to save money. They have been tested and have only been through a cycle or two. The configuration to maximise my space in the top-mounted box resulted in a 10s11p ho9wver I’ve never seen a 10s11p battery before on any commercial or DIY board, and I was wondering if there was a reason for this. It’s important to note I can’t change the battery configuration as I already have bought the appropriate BMS and battery box and don’t have the cash to start over or to build a 12s instead.

Any suggestions, critique, and help are more than welcome :slight_smile:

DIY is not for saving money, it’s more expensive. If saving money is on your agenda, then DIY shouldn’t be.

Too late for that; already have most of the parts.

Coupla things. The bending force will be at the end of the pulley, but towards the motor. Just make sure your scott key is in well, and use green retention loctite. Build the battery so you can double check the per p group charge, so as to not get past the ability of the bms to control.

I have a 10 s in my diy. It works fine, most boards just two years ago ran mostly 10s.