New and used items for sale: E-TOXX, Hyperion, SK3 etc

Sounds about right. Still not exactly sure on their application though.

Looks like all the fuses are rated at 2A.

Yeah, those are probably just for testing for short circuit. Connect them while first powering up the system and if the fuse doesn’t blow, you’re good. Don’t attempt to ride with those connected :slight_smile:

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How much would the remote be shipped to Canada (Alberta)? I’m interested.


I’ll look into it. Tried sending some stuff today and the shipping charges were way higher than what I was quoted online. Not sure wtf. Shoot ya a pm here in a few.

Is the mini remote still available and can you ship it to Israel?


I’ll look into it, but as far as I can tell the shipping will cost you more than the remote is worth.

Alright, thanks. let me know and I’ll decide.

Ok, so shipping did end up being a little more than what I was quoted online, but not nearly as high as what I was told in the post office yesterday (think the lady there must’ve been a new). Just went ahead and ate the difference.

Will send you guys the tracking info here in a minute.

@Mobutusan @Mikeomania12 @Nate

For the mini remote:

Shipping to Alberta will cost 9.50usd @Multiple_Scoregasm

And shipping to Israel will cost 13.50usd @High-roller

I’ll take it!:smiley: PM The PayPal details?

Sweet, just sent ya a pm.

K wait did you just sell him the remote? I thought i was gonna buy it?


Sorry bro, High-roller beat ya to the punch.

Np. He was too quick on the draw! Thanks for checking into the shipping anyway.


Sorry about that, better luck next time my good sir!

Still have the charger if anyone’s interested.