New and used items for sale! L00k

Used TB esc -70 bucks

Brand new Jacob hubs and custom deck with awesome sticker design :wink: brand new never rode just didn’t feel like finishing the build

Also the enclosure and dual TB esc (brand new) including a custom two level pack (12s2p Sammy pack done by yours truly. With bms and charger. (It’s all wired up just needs a battery display and receiver and Ubec.

Warning: THIS PACK IS NOT FLAT. It sits on top of the esc’s then drops down to allow for the rest of the electronics to sit on top of it

Damn i would of been keen on the escs battery and enclosure but just brought all my stuff haha

How much for the unfinished build?

The board and the electronics? 750. all you need for the board are the receiver, remote, and a ubec. (I have all of those of you want to buy them from me. Mastercho mod)

Is the ESC still available?

How much for battery and esc?

I’ll sell the entire enclosure and esc and battery bundle for 500.

The battery comes with bms and charger 500 bucks for it is a steal. Brand new

only needed 1 esc

Oh my bad yea I’m not gonna sell one

do u happen to have any 12s bms in stock

I might I think I do why?

i wanted to build a 12s pack to replaxe my current 6s4p tb pack and fvt esc

i had to stop my 12s2p 245kv build due to time but would now like to finish it

Did you want me to build you a pack or just sell you a bms? I don’t sell BMS’s usually

How much for the whole build + missing parts?

umm just the bms if possible i wanted to practice building my own, but if i had too i could try and buy the whole battery

Well you’d need a receiver and ubec and I think that’s it…

I don’t have any of those anymore so that’d be up to you to buy.

750 for what you see. The board has dual hub motors. Bms and charger 12s2p liion battery. 2 tb esc

Ill take a loss on it if you’re interested in it. I’d rather get it off my work bench. lol

I see, I will really see if I NEED another board, thanks though.

okay no problem just let me know. you’ll get a good deal on it.

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