New at building HELP

I am trying to make a board that can go about 20mph. I dont have any hills where I live. I want a starter board nothing to fancy or expensive. I am looking to spend about $300 for everything. I have wheels trucks and a board. I want a decent range one that will get me around a college campus. I weigh about 120. what motor should I get I have a long list but dont understand anything. what esc would go with it and what is the best battery.

-Ebay Deck ($20) -NTM or SK3 motor ($50) -DIYelectricskatboard mount kit, wheels, and trucks ($199) -FVT 120 amp 6s esc ($50) -Imax B6 charger ($30) -2 x 3s Zippy Lipos ($50) -Mini Trigger Remote ($30) Total: $430 USD

-This is the absolute cheapest you are going to get

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Don’t waste your 300 bucks… Save a little bit more and build something for at least $600.

VESC - 90$ GT2B - 25$ 2x5s 5000mha ZIPPPY - 80$ 10S 60A BMS - 38$ 42V charger - 24$ SK3 6374-192kv - 80$

Total 337$

You’ll need mount, pulleys, wires, connectors on top of that, and shipping.

Motor mount: $40 Pulleys and belt: $30 Wires: $10 Connectors: $5 XT90S: $5

You will also need some kind of encloser etc. And don’t forget helmet if you don’t have one! ( +40$ )

The budget is kinda low, manageable but the quality wouldn’t be great.

You’ll need to find good deal for motor mount… Buy 260kv or lower Turnigy SK3 motor at hobbyking Buy 2x 3s 5000mah 20c Lipo battery with ImaxB6 charger and voltage alarm No need to buy BMS for cheap build while also using lipo Get cheap RC car remote GT2B from Hobbyking / buy mini remote 40usd from aliexpress (small is handy to carry) Ofc get some connectors and cables, XT90 12AWG minimum cables from Hobbyking For esc, try buy VESC, otherwise get those 120A hobbyking ESC

I am not sure if it would fit 300 usd, probably it will cost 400 - 600 usd to be more reasonable. The problem with 300 usd is that, it might be doable, but more for experienced builder. With 300 usd, if you drained / shorts ur lipo / burn ur esc. You have no board and budget for parts replacement.

I dont need a deck or controller nor motor mount trucks and wheels. I am making the mount and the controller. where is the best place to spend that extra money. The $430 even maybe $450 is doable for me. I appreciate the suggestions they are super helpful

If your in america you can get the esc,motor from

motor 190kv 6374 esc- 12s 120a continuous current is that good stuff?

or Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 3548-840kv Brushless Outrunner Motor FVT 120A Brushless Sensored/Sensorless RC Car ESC 2-6S 1/10 USA SHIP 120 AMP 3M

If you just need the batteries, esc and motor then just get: VESC, SK3 192kv, 2x5S 5000mah batteries. That would be about 250$

which VESC? also how fast would it go? and the range? or if you could tell me how to find it i will find it

840Kv is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much for a esk8

You want 320kv or below

and if you are getting 200Kv or below go with a 10S battery

So go with this

2x Radio Control Planes, Drones, Cars, FPV, Quadcopters and more - Hobbyking

$152.00 + $44.21 + 44.21= 240.42 US$

VESC from torqueboards or enertion (those are the cheap ones), or ollin if you can spend an extra 50$

with 10S and 192kv, with 16/36 pulley ratio you will get 30mph, with 14/36 you will get 26mph

Well in my opinion the best way to spend excess money is on the battery. Get a custom one from @barajabali, he’s well known for the quality of his work. Lithium-ion is wayyyy more stable than lipo and lasts up to 4 times longer. You could get a bms as well if you are a fan of one-plug charging. Other way to spend the extra money is on the esc. FVT works but it not customizable, VESC’s are pretty adjustable but have a learning curve. If you go that route, get one from @chaka

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y’all got me a little confused with all the information. I did look at ollin from what i have read its good. i am also looking at VESC BLDC Speed Controller from DIY electric skateboard. for one of those i would need a motor which 190kv 6374 but that is on back order. which other motors would go well. and batteries Turnigy 5000mAh 5S 25C Lipo Pack i would get two of those. I checked out chi boards but the website was confusing. how much are those batteries? what is a equivalent to that?

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pm Barajabali, he’ll fill you in on cost and info.

what other motors are good? cause the main motor I hear about is back ordered

Motor will arrive in 2 weeks

You can get the motors from torqueboards, ollin, etc.

motor Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV from torqueboards esc VESC BLDC Speed Controller from torrqueboards battery x2 Turnigy 5000mAh 5S 25C Lipo Pack

what chinzw said earlier about 16/36 and 14/36 what does that mean and does it still apply? also what is a bms?