NEW BATCH 6-12s open source DieBieMS

As you might know last year I decided to make a first, beta production of this open source project: designed by the forum member @JTAG It definitely took a while since any imaginable delay occurred and piled up (even the first national strike of the logistic company UPS :persevere:). Now that some users had the chance to try this BMS on their board, the response has been pretty good so far and no major problems have been reported. The setup is dead easy via usb and vesc tool: simple commands on the terminal will allow you to set up your custom battery configuration and will let you know the detailed status of your battery

And you can avoid wasting money on antispark switches and voltage meters

I am looking into doing some changes on non critical components for example putting XT90 instead of LOAD screwholders, finding a cheaper sound buzzer, removing unnecessary connectors. This way I can keep the price steady (last time was 104eur) and include compensation for the creator and myself.

The quantity I am willing to reach is at least 30 pcs. If you are interested, please sign up here

Pics stolen from @longhairedboy @chinzw @lock


For Those of us that are not fimiliar with this bms, What is the max discharge it can handle, or is it bypassed?

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I’ve been drooling at these forever. form filled out. Thanks for doing this!

Order placed, can’t wait I’ve been wanting one of these since I first saw the thread! How much would be saved going with XT-90 instead of LOAD screwholders? I was hoping to have that feature… Any way to make that optional…?


Anyone have the dimensions. I think is saw it earlier when I browsed the other thread, is it 15mm thick?

Sorry didnt mean to reply to you :smile:

What is ETA on this? I’m interested for my build but I want to complete it before the summer comes by :slight_smile:

@uigiroux not much since the screwholder were already very efficient (175 max load by datasheet or 120a by mouser). The reason I want to eliminate them is that they are damn expensive and non-existing in China.

@moon 140 x 60 mm

@Minim once the minimum quantity is reached, let’s say end of April. Give around 5-6 weeks for production, 1 week to ship stuff to me, 1 week for me to have all orders out (since this time I wont have to install firmware and extra components)


Do you mean you will solder wires onto the load terminals where the LOAD screw holders were and solder the other end onto an XT90?

I’m having trouble imaging you directly putting an XT90 plug straight onto the BMS PCB…

Nope that would be a mess. I will change the screwholders footprints to become solder pads for wires. Then the 10awg coming from the xt90 will be soldered on these pads.

Yes that is what I imagined, just different wording describing the same thing.

Hey @fedestanco, how difficult is the program interface for this? And is there a manual we can check out?

It looks awesome, I am just worried running it will be over my head.

Form filled up!!!

About how much do you estimate these will cost with the changes made to reduce the price?

The only steps you will have to follow are these ones:

1)you need a specific version of the vesc tool that I am going to send you via email 2)connect the vesc via usb while it’s still connected to the battery pack 3)go to the connection tab; if you can find a “usb serial” device, connect to it. If you don’t find any available device then you need to install these drivers and try again 4)once you are connected, go to the terminal tab; type help and enter; this lines will show up:

As you can see you can type (for example) config_set_ah 20 and enter. The bms will now consider your battery as a 20ah battery. The other commands work in the same way. After you are done with the customizations type config_write and enter. That’s it

@uigiroux the goal would be for the price to be <=104eur including the donation, cables and VAT. Tomorrow I will get a quotation for a custom fuse-holder which is a feature I really want to keep


This looks like a dream come true. A few quick wuestions.

Will orders outside the EU be VAT free?

What’s the expected delivery date should we hit 30 orders.

Lastly, I put my name down for 2 but I think I only need 1. Can you correct that on your end?


PM me your email so I can remove your form and you can compile a second one.

Form filled, Thanks for your hard work @fedestanco & @JTAG

What a convenient timing! Signed up for one. I’m starting with my own project soon, been browsing this forum a lot to get ideas and inspiration. This BMS caught my attention and I always wanted to use one for my battery pack. Thanks for doing this group buy!

Just submitted.

How many away are you? And what is the turn around time once completed? I am also outside of EU and want to make sure VAT is excluded in the price?


Also keep us updated as to how close we get…I will be willing to change my quantity as I’m sure others might if we get close to the quantity needed…