New batt pack- 8s4p Basen 26650

Hey all. I’d like feed back on this here battery layout. I’ve got all the pieces but want a second, third,…nth opinion before I make irreversible changes.

I’m using Basen 26650 4500mAh batts. I’ve loosely followed @namasaki earlier build. I’ll be using a ‘lightweight’ BMS for charging only. Discharging will go to The no-longer-called-VESC thingy.

And are .15mm x 10mm pure nickel stripping a good choice? I just ordered my suunko spot welder too.

Thanks for taking the time to review this. I look forward to your feedback.

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Looks right to me. Where did you get the sunkko from?

I ordered from eBay.

Hmmm. I mis-spoke. It is an unbranded Chinese welder. I was juggling several listings. Oh well, I’ll report back on how it performs too.

Any other thoughts? Just waiting for welder now.

I’d like to add that I’m using a 4a charge 10a discharge BMS but only using it to charge. Does that sound ok?

Hobby king now has these BMS’s for $12. I also saw the name BesTech somewhere on the site.

Thats gonna be a hell of a better pack. Hope you have the board for that battery :wink:.

I heard from Namasaki that the Basens sag a lot under load, it may be more worth it to use a different cell.

Assuring 30A continuous from each cell thats still 120A continuous… that should be enough no?

Enough discharge? Sure, but the amount of sag at higher discharge rates is unacceptable to me.

No, wouldn’t that discharge combat the sag at least a little?

Not necessarily. Low quality cells, can still sag a lot even with higher discharge rates. For example, 30Q’s have lower discharge than 25R’s, but end up sagging less in real world performance.

Are the basens low quality cells? I thought they were good. Either way, I guess we will see how this pack turns out if @sprocket12 decides to build it.

They’re, just random chinese cells. @Namasaki said flat performance was decent, with okay range, but range and sag really suffered during hills or high draw environments.

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Well, I’ve researched these a bit. There was a previous version of this battery that claimed 5000mAh. Fat chance. These have been tested by mooch and still claim second place for 26650’s. The first being iJoy at a hefty price difference. Even so, Liion Warehouse too rates these high.

My tests show they are on average 4250mAh. I expected this. Also, they claim 40 amps continuous but real world reports state 30.

All in all, I can’t see where these won’t perform well. And if I recall correctly, @Namasaki was running a 2p set up. I’m running a 4p. I’ve over built on purpose. I don’t think I’ll see the sag BUT hey! I’m doing this for science :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. If you have real-world experience, I’d love to hear it! My last pack was an 8s1p Lipo @ 8000mAh. This will have about 17,000mAh. Should get me around 27 real-world miles!

I’ve already purchased everything and the 4-packs are nice and glued- no turning back now.

Please, by all means, share your thoughts. That’s how I learn here. This has been a great community to be a part of.

How heavy will your pack be?

I ran the Bases 4500’s in a 10s2p pack. Range was great on flat gound at moderate speed, 28 miles on a charge. When doing a lot of long hills, the range was cut more than in half by voltage sag. I believe it’s because a 60a battery is just not adequate for hill climbing no mater what cells your using. I would be very interested in seeing how your 8s/4p pack with these cells would perform.

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Sorry @Jinra. I was out of town on an extended weekend. I can’t find the shipping info at the moment but each battery is 100g. That is just over 7 lbs for the 32.

Interesting. I was hoping that going with a 4p set up would provide that extra OOMPH to power through.

Could you enlighten me further on what you mean by the higher amp battery no being a good fit? I thought you had gone back to Lipos for the higher amps in the mAh size for your board.

I don’t recall saying that. I’ve been preaching for a long time that the higher the battery’s discharge rating, the better!

I did not find enough power with Basen cells in a 10s2p pack. You might find enough in an 8s4p but I couldn’t say for sure. What I will say is that IMO, no 60a battery pack is enough for big people going uphill regardless of the type of cells. A 120a battery pack like your planning might do the trick.

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Samsung 30q 3000mah 46g (20a)

2x 30q= 6000mah 92g (40a) basen 4500mah 100g (25a)

Amp rating based on Mooch ratings

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So, all things being equal…

18,000mAh pack is 48 x Samsung 30q button top @ $5.91/ea = $283.68 48 x Samsung 30q @ $5.18/ea = $248.64 32 x Basen IMR @ $7.26/ea = $232.32

Oh man! It’s a wash on price difference. At least on one version of the 30q. And the 30q is a tested and true battery. And at a 6p it would have seriously more amperage available.

Well, I’ll just have to see how well this performs. I obsessed on batteries for months while planning. I guess I got it stuck in my head that as a single battery, these would do well. The weight is not an issues for me, as I’ll be running this on my cruiser pintail.