New battery let me know what you think!

So my friend has a hoverboard and this thing goes for hours so i took a look at the battery. It actually looks like something i might be able to run under my board. They can supply 45 amp continuous and they are supprisingly compact. Given they aren’t 2 3s lipos thin but they certainly look thin enough. the link is below and if you guys could check it out and let me know what you think that would be great!

37V 4.4Ah You can do better by getting two 4S 5Ah lipo’s and running them in series. Less bulky, cheaper, higher capacity.

true haha when u say it like that I kinda realize that I don’t gain anything from them

i’m anticipating you’re gonna strip it and re~assembled it flat out as possibly as you could . am i right ?

yes if i were to get it but does it actually make sense to?

Ive done this before actually as I used to sell those death machines and had extra batteries. I turned it into a 22.2v 4400 mah battery I had two 18650 batts left. It was a long rectangle flat pack.

It put out 22.2 v and worked but if I got over a certain speed it would cut out and would ride really slow so I had to restart the esc to get it working again.

Pretty sure the discharge rating is like 1c or something so don’t expect too much

aww tb the price isnt so bad and they have a bms pre installed too

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Yea but the question is if the batteries will even work with our application. In my case the answer was no

Thanks for the heads up you saved me 75 bucks hahaha!

No prob! That’s what we’re all here for

@willpark16 , i just found on our local website about the same issue here , and it sells probably 1/3 of usual price / since it is “used” . once i got it , i’m gonna strip it and lay it all flat .

what do you think ? i will post pics once the deal is done .

That would be awesome would love to see if you could actually make this work. I think the bms preinstalled also make the battery even better

went to a local shop selling all kinds of battery . you name it , they got it . asked them if they sell packs of 18650 . 24V ? 36V ?48V ? and so on . they dont have it in packs , but in aluminium casing with keys . and upon asking how many individual 18650s it contained ? she replied 40 pieces . it was meant for ebikes . i dont care . and i asked her what brand , is it LG ? Samsung ? she said china brand . and it is only $280 our local singapore dollars . AWESOME ! ! not to complain but i bought space cell for AUS$419/~ last year . awesome . but delivery man called me before reaching my house that i had to pay “air~care” tax of $136/~ since it is a dangerous product and extra care is needed . next time i wanna buy me 36V pack , i’m getting me this . strip it , re arrange and heat shrink . done ! i got myself a 40 cells 36V juice in my built .