New battery store

i’ve never gotten anything here and haven’t read reviews but the prices are similar if not cheaper than hk

they also have some huge capacity packs in the multi rotor section

I’ve been looking at these… US$58.99 each

Will 10C be enough discharge? I’m used to seeing 15-30C on most batteries

I don know, just ‘looking’ at the moment. Got other stuff going right now, but I’m hoping that if I use x3 that would equal 30c, but I dont know if it works like that.

With a large capacity c rating isn’t as important. C rating times ah gives the supposed continuous discharge.

15 (15,000mah)x 10 ©is a lot of potential discharge. But they exaggerate so use half the c rating for a more realistic comfortable discharge: 75 amps continuous is good.

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Woah, this store is a nice find! I think prices are quite astonishing (in a good way). I used to get about half the capacity for a similar price, plus, for you guys, shipping to usa is for free, if the order is over 40usd (which it probably will be anyways)…