New benchwheel board broke, need help with repair!

Hi, like it said in the title, I purchased a new benchwheel board, and one motor died on my very first ride. I was riding it on the slower mode, and never pushed the throttle beyond 1/3. I felt the motor give out while I was cruising on flat ground, and it looked like it was spinning at about half the speed of the other one at the time. I thought perhaps the batteries were giving out, so I brought it home and charged it. The next day, the faulty motor would not start at all. When I try to use the board, the motor just kind of turns slightly back and forth, not sure how to really describe it, it’s like a slight vibration to and fro, or sputtering? It feels stiffer compared to the other motor when I try to turn it by hand. I’ve been riding the board single motor with the belt and wires from the faulty motor removed, but I can’t climb some of the hills on my daily commute any more. Contacted benchwheel, and they say I need to pay for shipping back for repairs. Is there any chance I could repair this myself? Please help! Would really appreciate it.

Sounds like your motor cables have disconnected. I’d rip it apart and have a look at them. The motor is stuttering right?

Sounds like a short in the motor

The motor would spin free…unless the wires are touching

Hi, I managed to disassemble most of it, and I can’t find any wires that might have a problem. The faulty motor is still stiff even though it’s not connected to the batteries and stuff though. I can’t figure out how to remove the motor itself from the enclosure though.

If the motor is still stiff with its wires disconnected, then there is either a an internal short in the motor wiring or the bearings in the motor have failed. My guess would be the shorted wiring inside the motor. Where did you buy it? If possible, return it They have too many quality issues.

Darn. I was really enjoying the feeling of an electric board. Is there anything better in the price range of this? I got it for like 550usd minus shipping. Or is it possible to build something with equal performance in that price range?

I bought it from aliexpress. Guess I’m opening a buyer’s dispute tomorrow.

The Yuneec ego2 at $699 is a quality budget e-board Top speed 12-13mph Range up to 18 miles Or you can build your own but that tends to get expensive and requires some tools and equipment along with soldering and mechanical skills

I considered that option before I got the benchwheel, I didn’t go for it because I was afraid it might not be able to climb the hills on my daily commute. Even while both motors were operating, the benchwheel still struggled with one or two, and refused to climb one at all. I weigh 63kg. If I were to save up for a proper board, what would you recommend? I don’t really mind top speed, too many cars where I live, and surfaces are not the flattest for me to go too fast and feel entirely comfortable. I can live with not being able to climb that last hill, would be nice though. But the only thing I’ve heard about that might be able to conquer it so far is the enertion raptor, but I’ll probably have to save for half a year or so with how much I’m getting paid-all the stuff I have to pay for. =(

I have an EGO and you weigh about as much as I do. I can climb 10% grades without any issues. Steeper if I have a running start. It’s hard to beat for $700.

If you’re handy, you can always scavenge parts and used them to build another. Although starting a DIY build from scratch might be easier.

What sort of grades are you trying to climb?

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Really sorry about what happend to you man. What you need to do now is open a dispute right away. Aliexpress normally offers good buyer protection. Explain what happened, and add video footage of the broken motor. Demand a refund. If you don’t want to send the board back due to high shipping costs you can at least get a partial compensation.

I don’t know how to estimate hill grades by sight, I’ll get some pictures tomorrow.

Thanks man. But I kinda want to give their sales rep the heads up. While their product was sub par, their customer service has been surprisingly good. The problem is that I have to pay for shipping back to them for repairs, and judging from this board, it looks like I’m going to be doing that often. =(

Get an app with a level and place it on your board. The degrees will give you a rough estimate. It’s difficult to measure by a pic.

Dont trust their friendly facade. What does it help if you end up with no money and a broken board? It’s obvious, that they shipped a faulty product and judging by the videos on youtube, you are not the first. They must be held responsible. Demand compensation through Aliexpress. That is your right as a customer.

Saw an ego for the first time…lol …my oh my it’s sloooooow

Yes, they are like the tortoise. Slow and steady but they will finish the race. It’s a good first eboard. It’s what I started with and it seemed pretty fast to me at first. LoL. I did out grow it pretty fast but mostly because of the hills in my neighborhood. I almost bought a Benchwheel for backup but they are plagued with problems. The new egos have better deck but they look more like a toy with the new color scheme.

Hey it’s perfect for puttzing around like in Venice… We were going half speed 99% of the time…

I get it … It’s for the virgins

They are relatively safe. Well, safer than the sleds we ride.