New benchwheel board broke, need help with repair!

I measured the hills I need to get past most often with an app, and they range from 18% to 33%.

I messaged them, they said they will bear half the cost of the shipping back. Any cheap shipping companies to recommend? The ups estimating tool I found online gave me a quote of $300+. Even half of that is kinda expensive. Sigh.

That’s a better deal then I got from Enertion. They just gave me address and said send it there. I cover shipping.

EGO definitely won’t do 18%-30% grades. 10% would be about the max.

Your best bet if you can’t get your board repaired/replaced would be a dual drive DIY build.

Would it be doable to simply swap out the motors on the benchwheel? Do I need to open the motor enclosure, or would I need to replace the entire truck with mounts with another set?

i just got a benchwheel a couple weeks ago. no issues for me yet.

i’m almost certain you can just replace the motor since it’s mounted with like three screws.

then the cables are just friction type so you can unplug them.

just make sure it’s not the electronics, maybe you can check for voltages, make sure the problem is with the motor and on the electronics?

Chinese clone related.

Check out this guy who took a Chinese clone and upgraded to VESC and the end result seems like respectable board.

I can remove the motors from the mounts. It’s the black enclosure around the motor that I can’t remove. There’s a tiny hole near the axle, and I can’t seem to get either Allen keys or screwdrivers to turn anything inside, though I do feel something inside catching slightly. Any recommendations for alternative motors that would work with the board as is?

I don’t have any special equipment, but I did try plugging the motor into the other side. It behaves the same way.

hey mate i am in the same bind as you are. But i am stuck trying to remove the engine, could somone please give me a little explanation ? I have taken off the wheel and the rubber band off (Dunno what it is called in english). But i cant seem to remove the motor :frowning:

PS: i am going for a motor change, so i will let you know how that works out for me.

Pictures would help

So far what i know i need to remove this “pulley”, but it seems to be stuck, and i cant find any more screws in there.

Yeah it’s prob stuck… Get a battery puller and yank it off… Is that shroud removable?

a battery puller ? never seen one before, but it seems lige a great tool to have. Buying one asap.

Yes the shroud is removeable (if you are reffering to what covers the band).

don’t use a battery terminal puller, the flanges are aluminum and bend very easily. I got mine off with a little heat and a flat head screwdriver in between the mount and pulley. You probably don’t even need the heat.

I managed to yank it off. Just keep pulling and maybe heating the pulley up with a lighter or something. That’s how I managed it. You need to remove the circlip at the end first though.

There is no circlip at the pulley, at least on mine

I guess the pulley is glued with the strongest loctite. I do this to my pulleys and i have no issues. Also pulleys with a keyway are no problem on a round shaft. And when i want to get it off then i heat it with the soldering gin und spin it instead of pulling. At the beginning i also thought that it only would work with non keyway pulleys so i gave it a try. But it works awesome.

Mine had a circlip and was really tough to pull out too. But I still can’t open the motor covers. Can’t find an Allen key or screwdriver that will turn it. And can’t really tell which I need to be honest. The hole is too tiny for me to see into.