Hi, Ive been looking a long time for a really good remote for my builds, i came across the firefly remote based on boostedboards design, and it seems like everyone is going for this thumb style remote. I had alot of issues with the firefly remote and unstability issues, so a PCB is nessecary for this application. I am an software engeneer and I have been in contact with Nordic Semiconductor and they agreed to sponsor with alot of nRF52840 dev boards. They are based on an cortex m4 arm cpu, and have usb host, radio and all you need integrated. They cost like 4 usd per for 1000pcs and with an oled screen, pcb, hall sensor, magnets and an switch this can be made really affordable. I know an professional engeneer that are willing to develop the PCB for us. Everything is going to be opensource, but are there anny interest for projects like this in the forum? We are 4 software devs, 1 designer, and 1 hardware developer. Whats the best way to get a small funding for developing this kind of product?


For on the forum? a Groupbuy would get you a the necessary funding, but here’s the thing about them:

  1. Group buys are founded on trust and as such only Regulars can facilitate one. Members who are not can guage interest through a thread like this (a poll is a good way to extract concrete interest) and once a fully working product is made you can sell them

  2. For something like this we need more than words. Pictures, videos, proof of concept , etc etc. Understand that the ability to bullshit on here is non-existent due to people on the forum being burned before and people like @Kug3lis and his father able to smack down knowledge.

But welcome! I am one for sure interested in this.


For one thing nRF32840 doesn’t exist in Nordic family :slight_smile: Probably you meant nRF52840. Another thing you can get exact same dev kit for like 20-50£ without buying 1000. Also, that kit would be pretty much unusable as remote as board is big and bulky, cheaper is just to make one board from scratch. with existing modules which cost cents when bought on a higher amount.

Regarding funding I don’t think anybody would agree to do any kind of funding for the development on this forum it’s not indiegogo :slight_smile: If you have idea create prototype make some working prototypes send to some main players of this forum to review it. Afterwards, you can start making group buys or etc to collect funds to make them. Because based on your join time and description it sounds really suspicious (this kinda device don’t need 4 developers to create it, hardly can imagine 4 people working on small codebase, and what hardware developer would do on this project?)

Sorry if I stated hard truth :confused: