New board coming from Loaded


Looks like Loaded are about to drop a new deck… I hope it’s something we can use!


Arg… I read to fast the 1st time about a new drop deck :smile: No “drop a new deck” !

btw thanks for sharing :wink:


I’m real excited. Ended up signing for their newsletter lol. My guess is a revamped dervish sama by the looks of it or a tan tien :thinking:

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Whatever it will be it will be good. I own the Icarus and the Truncated Tesseract and they are both fantastic


Admittedly, I’m a Loaded fanboy as well lol. Ive got the Tarab and my Kutthaka should be arriving in a day or two. Pricey but the material quality is without a doubt evident in the construction

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Oh yeah expensive but they know how to make a deck. Like you say the materials quality and construction is second to none.


what kind of deck you like most?

I ride an Icarus bro, I love it. I also have a truncated tesseract pusher which is also nice

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