New board ? Direct drive with double kingpin trucks!

Your thoughts ? 10Ah LG battery,range 35-40km, max speed 40km/h image image


Did you make this?

I assume not, but thats the elofty drive :eyes:

@Topcloud I assume you’ve known about this board for awhile? :rofl:

any more information we can get about this? Could either be :+1: or :-1:


the company from the miles board factory that made it, I was ordering 1 for me to test, I will update here when it arrives


Fortunately for you, the elofty drives are pretty durable but the rest of it… good luck :+1:

e: youre wasting your money at miles board, look at their other offerings. 3AH battery, SINGLE hub motor, shitty china deck, trucks, wheels and ESC for 499… You can do better on your own, or at least get a meepo for that price.

:joy::joy::sweat_smile: bro, I will never buy miles boards, this board with 10AH (40km range) battery, direct drive and double kingpin I only get for $650 and for those specs, :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hi! Do you have a link for the grey 90mm wheels you posted it in elofty’s thread?

Where can i buy one for 650$ Njull69 ?

I’ve send you 2 Pm’s

you dont want this board, its going to be a big disappointment. Stick with a meepo with the sanyo battery if youre looking for a cheaper chinese budget board :+1:

If youre bent on buying the direct drive set, @topcloud is doing a group buy

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Personally, if I were in the market for a new Chinesk8 complete, I’d wait two more months.

Most of the next-generation boards are your choice, belt or hub, in a real carbon fiber enclosure or deck for ~$1299 to $1499.

@Tetsu visited Ownboard this week, check out his post (or their IG) for pics of what I think we can expect to see everywhere this fall. This should be a good year for esk8.

In regards to the drives and group buy, we’re rebuilding the test platform this week - once we have working brakes on Unity, we will ask Lofty for tiered pricing at 25 and 50 units (we presently have 100 minimum qty. pricing).

They could say no, and that’s perfectly understandable as they have bigger customers, yet they seem willing to work with us. I’d have to say overall Lofty Shenzhen seems like a good company.

Hope this helps!


Does that mean the group buy is delayed? :smiley:

my bank account has put up the fort again, after Ive funneled my money into these last two builds and needs time to catch its breath :joy:

fingers crossed for summer

E; woops

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Ok,thanks :+1:

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Thanks for your efforts. I don’t have enough skills and don’t have big tools like lathe. So I can’t help them about developing their stuffs but you guys can. If you want to cooperate them, PM me. I can show the emails of CEO ( or manager?, I’m not sure) @EOVAN. (Of course they also have open channels like wechat etc) And I recommend you to use video chat, because he’s not good at English.

But this will have possibility that make problems like “patent war” (between Enertion and Torqueboard) etc. This kind of problem has both pros and cons, sometimes prevents innovation, and sometimes revitalize the market. I hope latter situation of course but.

I feel most Chinese companies’ sence of patent and intellectual property rights etc are now changing but still very different from other countries. ( I have to say Japan had same time for a while after WW2) .

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Thanks for your help, you can give my email address [email protected] to him.