New Board Found on Kickstarter, $319 for SALE: An electric skateboard for everyone

Hey guys, just read a review of teamgee H5:

Then I am interested and went to research a little bit. Then I found out Teamgee on Kickstarter.

They are selling an entry-level board at $319.

Want to share your insights?

Link here:

Stay off kickstarter


There are plenty of reviews on YT. It’s light, portable, stealth. Only good for flat roads

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I actually had talked to the people on Instagram and they actually had no idea what I was talking about when I was talking about vescs. They are using hub motors and cheap Chinese parts. I told them there are hundreds of cheap boards out there if you want to really sell boards put the money out for quality parts and people will by them as you have to give them what isn’t offered in prebuilt boards like a 10s4p battery with a dual style vesc and 6374 motors.