New build Asiimov Tayto


Bought a spud on sale. Tayto comes in the market. Feels bad man and finally start the build now that I finally have the Tayto. The theme of this build will be CSGO Assiimov color scheme: black, white and orange.

Part list:

  • BKB Tayto
  • FocBox Unity
  • Swappable cell holders cased battery 12s3p
  • Bestech D140
  • Custom enclosure
  • Dickyho mounts + China clone trucks + 1/8" riser (why? Cuss I bought them a long time ago for the Spud)
  • Dual Flipsky 6364 (rip noob me, same stator size as 6355, will reglue the magnet myself.)
  • 16/36 ABS printed wheel pulley
  • Evolve 83mm wheels (I know they Chuck, also bought them a while ago.)

Battery pack curves to somewhat match the concave. 15455574987038037964288044737969


looks great. just use a crossbar for the mounts

Do you know where I can get one for cheap? I know these mounts are the early ones so they will snap if I don’t reinforce them against vibration.

a local hardware store. just use either threaded rod or tap a thread into an aluminium rod cut to the appropriate size

I love the Assiimov skin from counter strike. I used to play a lot but haven’t in a long time. Pretty much since they rebuilt the dust 2, that killed me tbh

Cool looking build tho

I liked 1.6 a lot more. Never really got into playing CSGO but I watch a lot. Used to play this East Asia version of CS 1.6 called Counter Strikes Online (CSO) it gradually added a lot of game modes (3 versions of zombie, raiding and even soccer for the world club) and character and guns. It was totally a money sink cus you have to either play a lot to rent the guns or you can pay to buy them permanently for a limited time. Eventually they bought into the loot boxes system FML EA.

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I think I’ll go with the rod. Don’t think I can easily get anything metric here in freedom country. Definitely have to order online. I’ll check McMaster rn.

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I’ve never heard of cso I might have a look into it, sounds good to watch…shit to play or should I say PAY. hahah

Lol. They closed down. A while ago. What I missed the most was the small hop in 1.6 and the out of bound parkour and the ceiling boost.

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I’ll send you one if you pm me appy Xmas

Damn you really are drunk


Titanium dm me

did you ever finish it ?

Nope. Change of plans.

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Are you still using the Tayto ? Or are you selling it maybe ?

Still have it no point of selling. You can still get one from BKB.