New build batteries

Hi guys, building my first esk8 and I have pretty much everything figured out but the batteries.

I’m currently aiming for a 245kv motor with 6s for starting wich can be upgraded to 8 or 10s later on. The motor’s max loading is 70A, with that I was wondering if batteries with 20c would be enough or if I needed to aim more for 25-30c? (5amph batteries)

It depends on the capacity…capacity*C rating = max amps…so if you have 5Ah 20C battery then it can output 100A continously…If you get higher C rating the batteries wont sag that much…

The discharge ratings of the hobby branded pouch cells are often drastically overstated (Turnigy, Zippy etc), so the higher C rating the better.

My Zippy LiFePO4 packs have a voltage sag of ~10% when applying a 30A load. Their discharge rating is 30-40C (108-144A, given their capacity is 3.6Ah), so nowhere near accurate.