New build Direct drive: Torque D-DRIVE vs Carvon Speeddrive (Fail)

I am going to build a new E-skateboard and was wondering what you guys recommend in terms of direct drive hub motors. To my understanding only a few quality one are made.

Here is brief a part list for my build: • Deck Landyachtz • Battery (custom) • VESC 6 2x • Torque D-DRIVE ? • Custom enclosure in carbon fiber (resin infused) • Remote (what is best now?)

Here is the brief layout:

In the past I have used Carvon V2 hubs and they were fantastic until the axle broke in half. It was extremely silent and stealthy, something that is crucial in a city. Here is a link to my old setup:

I communicated with Jerry from Carvon by email about my broken Hubs and he told me to send them back to him so that they can fix it for free (excluding shipping). Initially I was very excited and thought " what a great service". However, I never saw my broken Hubs again nor heard anything from Carvon apart from excuses. The worst is that I also bought some new V4 speeddrive and made my brother buy a full carvon Skateboard and nothing happened neither. Our orders were never fulfilled… If you are interested here is the full email exchange:

Being really gutted with the whole experience and having lost hundreds of Dollars, I am delight that someone else create a solid alternative to these great hubs: The new Torque Ddrive. Here is a link: collections/pre-order/products/torqueboards-direct-drive-motor-kit

Having already ordered a few things from them I am sure they will be much more reliable.

Has anyone tried them already? I also assume that there are no other brand making such direct drive hubs. Is that right ? or is there an alternative.

Thanks for helping! I hope I didn’t bother you too much with the carvon stroy, but I really warn anyone who want to buy something from them. I will keep you updated with the new built. But do not have much time until the end of the year… I am also onto converting an old Bajaboard G3 with better electronics and maybe more carbon fibers. This will also come in a separate post.


Those aren’t hub motors, but they are direct drive.

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Nobody has actually tried them yet as they dont ship out till next year if I’m not mistaken. But it should get to you in no time given @torqueboards shipping times and great customer service. I think you’re up for a great board already starting with the drives

One thing about @torqueboards is that he will never leave you hanging. Great products and great customer service. He stands by his stuff and is on here almost as much as I am so always available. Pull the trigger you will not regret it. Very interested to see what you do with that G3


Correct, I use the term to say both…my mistake

Oh that’s why! I though I was late after blackfriday…

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Yeah it was open for pre orders for Cyber Monday but I recall it opened on saturday, I could be mistaken cause of timezone stuff

Well thats not completely true… at least one “beta tester” had been riding around @Lunasi


Yup youre right about that though if anyone is looking to get it now its likely gonna be till next year is what I was trying to get across.

I can support @Wraith claim on torqueboard. @torqueboards either ships on time or at least is transparent on the status (surprise! but not all vendors are like that). I had their stuff crap out on me but they always back me up (could take a while but its always resolved) Would had gotten a set if I didn’t blow all my $$ on their BF deals…

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The TBDDs? I’ve ridden them, they are great, and @Lunasi is riding them currently before sending them out.

Solid build quality, dead simple setup. I haven’t tried carvons, but imo these drives are a solid offering.


Same here lol I spent too much too early. I really do still want those drives and 110mm wheels. :disappointed_relieved:

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Thats great to hear. Thanks for sharing your experience. Now how much does a kidney sell for these days?

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I do want the 110s too I’d get a DD kit for another build I have planned in the future.

Hi, it looks like they are active again @LEVer.

Thanks a lot for the feedback everyone. I will then go ahead with the direct drive.

@Surfer the last time I contacted them was two weeks ago and I still haven’t heard from them so I wouldn’t risk doing business with them at this point… sad story

I finally recieved my direct drive. They came well packaged and in perfect condition.

After a great deal of thoughts I decided to build my battery pack as well. It is actually not necessarily cheaper to do so but I thought that with the rise of everything electric it is definitely something that I want to know how to do.

In order to do a battery pack you need a spot welder and I found a very handy arduino based spot welder on

I haven’t had the chance to use it so far but I have assembled it.

I have also ordered 48 Sony VCT6 to create my 12s4p they should deliver enough amp for the D-Drive

I forgot to mention that the D-Drive a freaking huge compared to my former carvon. I think I will fit them with 107mm wheels instead of my former 93mm ones.

At this point I will also stop comparing the two because clearly they play in an different league in terms of build quality and customer service. Carvon is home made and the service sucks. In fact it is a scam so never buy from him. I guess I was lucky to get my first hubs from him. https:// is very professional. I got status update every time I asked and the answer almost in a minute and the products are all well finished. I have ordered a bunch of stuff already and they all fulfilled my expectations.