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New Build dual drive

Hello I currently have a board right now.
paris trucks, china fly wheels, bearings, and hardware

enertion 4.12 vesc

2X multistar 4s 10,000mah packs in series

turnigy sk3 5055 (silicon wire mod)

3d printed 40t drive gear

14t pinion gear

The issue is i have had this board for 3 years now and everything is starting to break down, so I am looking into making a new board. I wanted to have dual drive because of the hills in my area (Pittsburgh). I was also looking into a mountain board because of the potholes and bad sidewalks, but where i ride has a lot of broken glass. would the tires last long or get holes as soon as they touched the glass? I ride my board as transportation so i need it to be reliable and have a 6 mile range and a top speed of 20 mph. i weigh about 115 Lbs. I would like to keep the new board on a budget of around $600-$800. if people could start to link me parts or other builds that would be awesome!

Rebuilding is fun, but what is “breaking down” - so we know what needs to be more robust for the next build?

Hardware issues (wheels gears etc), or electrical issues (broken solder joints, etc.).

I’d go with better batteries, still VESC, and dual 6355 motors around 190-200kv on 10s. And Caliber vs Paris (less likely to rotate and drag motor on ground).

I’d gear down lower for hills w/ @Titoxd10001’s 40t aluminum gears.


so the motor has a cracked magnet and the retaining clip is now gone. the battery is fine but i would like lighter one. the pinion gear is showing LOTS of wear on the teeth and out of the 4 holes 3 of them are stripped. i would like my next set up to have a keyed pinion gear. The encloser is starting to break down in the fact that the abs is cracking and the screw holes are starting to break. The trucks have a welded mount that wont allow the room needed to add another motor in the back. so i was going to go with the caliber trucks any ways. i would never go away from the vesc now that i have one!!!

I found these trucks and are for sure going with them now! The extra room would be great to put 2 6364 190 kv motors on them .

Yeah - a good esk8 motor with the built-in 3mm keyway is nice to avoid any rotation. If you are riding really hard roads and killing motors… yikes!

I’d go softer duro wheels - add at least a shock pad (thin rubber riser) to help tame some vibrations.

I like the super thin 3/4s batteries in series for 8/9/12s. nanotech ones around 20mm are SWEET but a bit $.

wheels and clearance - what deck are you using? That’s usually the hard part to figure out what wheels will clear without big risers. I like the idea of pneumatics, but i also see folks who wear through them super fast on the street - and they are $$ to replace… vs big soft duro skate wheels like Flywheel 97’s (my favorite), especially the 75a duro ones!!!

6364 - depending which motor since a lot of SK3’s in particular say 6364, but are actually longer! Just make sure to check the dimensions of motor. And on a 180 truck hanger like Caliber II’s - they may not fit. You can stack some speed rings/washers to push the wheel out a few mm if it’s close, but i’d plan 6355’s if you want dual rear. Or look at DIYes new 218 caliber clones - supposedly room for dual 6374’s? I have a set ordered - we’ll see!

so this is what i am looking at for the new build

2: tacon bigfoot 160 (6364 245kv)

2: Torqueboards motor mount

2: 14t motor pulley with key way

Torque boards 218mm trucks

knock off 83mm flywheels with bearings

gt2b with sparkle case mod

2: vesc 4.12

5.5mm bullet connectors


40t drive gear

All I need now is a battery (9s) and a bms but I have never looked into bms before so if some one could help me with that, that would be awesome. The goal is to use 18640 cells to make a 9s3p (I have made custom packs in the past but never with a bms). Where do you guys buy cells from?

o and a vedder anti spark switch.