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sweet build!

The deck really is sick- what are you planning for an enclosure? I think this build will look great with an aluminum theme; you gotta have a theme, lol :laughing:

Wow! Nice deck bro! I hope the enclosure is just as sick as the deck

So, my plan is to drill and tap the deck and attach an aluminum plate where I’ll attach everything else. Then I was planning on vacuum forming a plastic enclosure that will be bolted to the plate enclosing everything.

Love it! I’ve always wanted one of those.

Had some more time today.

I made the plate that everything will be attached to, I also tapped the deck so I could bolt the plate to it.

Here you can see how I attached the ESCs with plastic screws

all ready for some heat


This build is looking really good!

How much flex is in that deck? I’ve never seen one of those before. I wonder if its loud on the street like a book cart would be.

I looked cindrich decks up last night and he doesnt have any for sale atm. The one you have is definitely the coolest one by far imo. He says minimal flex on his boards.

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@kai all you have to do is call him (his number is on his FB page.) He didn’t have any available when I called either but he machines them within a few days, he had mine out the door within 3 days.


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So here is the enclosure. I tried to do it using the vacuum process but it didn’t work out so good. My oven isn’t large enough, so I ended up having to mold it manually. I would heat it with a torch and my friends would form it to the buck. It turned out pretty good, next one will be better.

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BTW can you guys post the weight of your eBoards.


Mine weighs 20.6lbs

Most of my boards fall into the 15/16 lb range. My pneumatic is 21lbs

@BigAl Mine is 13.6 lbs

Is this still the correct wiring for the latest VESC? I know the new VESC has 7 pins but are the 1,2 and 4,5 pins still the ones to use with the Nyko Kama controller? It seems from the latest schematic that the pins are 1,2,3,4.

Also, which VESC does it go connected to? does it even matter, are one of the VESC considered the “master”? this is all I need to get this thing going

Thanks Al…

So I flipped the VESC over and it seems:

pin 1 is ADC2 which from what I’ve read is not connected to the Nyko
pin 2 is Rx which goes to the green wire on the Nyko
pin 3 is Tx which goes to the blue wire on the Nyko
pin 4 is ADC which goes to the black wire on the Nyko
Pin 5 is GND which goes to the red wire on the Nyko

So if I’m correct, we only use pins 2-5 on the P3

Can someone please confirm this for me


someone correct me if I’m wrong: Black wire goes to ground and red goes to 3.3v. Skip adc.

wait so you don’t have to buy a wiiceiver if you have a VESC?

No. You can solder the receiver of the nunchuck straight to the vesc.

so are my connections 3 post up, correct?

No, Pin 1, 4 and 7 stay empty.

Sorry, text is in German, but beside that it should be obvious:


I am trying to figure out myself. From what I read, these are what I found out. Members with more experience, please confirm.

Pin 1: Green SCL/RX. (closest to motor wires)
Pin 2: Blue SDX/TX
Pin 3: ADC - Do not use
Pin 4: Black GND
Pin 5: Red 3.3v
Pin 6: 5V -Do not use
Pin 7: ADC2 - Do not use (closest to battery wires)
@BigAl: We have our pin orders in reverse. I am following the picture you posted.