New build idea.. need opinions

So im doing a build and have most of the parts already.

Tacon Bogfoot 160-5335-245Kv DIY’s Mount and pulleys 14/36 TorqueBoards 2.4Ghz Nano receiver White Wave Longboard Knock off Caliber trucks

I need opinions on:

VESC, who and why to source from. Batteries, I assume depend on VESC

I plan to fiberglass my own housings. I plan to route power wires inside the deck from batteries to other electronics.

Im not a small guy by any means being im 235 lbs but I will be riding on flat ground. Occasional grade less than 10%.

VESC, I hear chaka’s (ollinboard) have the best reviews and warranty, however they are a little more pricey than some options.

Batteries, use 18650s, if you don’t want to spot weld yourself you can look around on this forum (bajabari I think offers custom packs) or on endless-sphere forum there are many who can build you a pack

I would not recommend the mini remote, as many people have had issues with them (very few have had solid connection). You can get a VESC from DIY, Ollin, Axle, and the new VESC-X from Enertion. The battery can be anything you want. I would recommend 10s for the VESC. I have some available here:

I’m going to start sounding like a broken record always recommending vescs from axle but I just think they are a great option right now. $120 for a very solid vesc, and they warranty it if it breaks for any reason (even if it’s your fault). Then if anything happens a second time they will only charge you for parts. I have two of their vescs and they have been problem free. I even had to of my motor wires rub on my motor while riding it (bad wire management) and the metal on the motor contacted the wires and the vesc handled it perfectly. It just shut off and when I fixed it and powered the board back on the vesc was back up and running perfect.


Thanks @Kaden56! Always feeling the love :blush:

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@zmoney I would like more info on the vesc’s you offer and would like your opinion on batteries.

I hope to be able to add a charging port to my setup so that I may charge the batteries without dismantling the board.

Hey! We build our VESCS in house at our location in NJ. We use upgraded components and stress test our VESCs before sending them out. We also provide all of our customers with a 24 month warranty that covers damages to the VESC. You can visit us here: As for batteries, I would try and go for LI-ON cells instead of lipos if that’s in your budget. I’m assuming you want “laptop style” charging. The best way to do this would to wire a charging port to a BMS. Using a bms would help you properly balance the cells in your battery!

There are other ways of doing this. @whitepony can correct me if I’m wrong. He doesn’t even use a BMS!

Axle is great

The easiest is Lipo for just starting out. Much easier. And great performance. I don’t use a bms and rely on the low voltage cut offs on the vesc. If u get a power supply from meanwell or the like, and wire in a wattmeter, and use 10$ balancers in the side, and xt-90s plug, I think it’s easiest and u can charge fast. I’d like to know how white pony does it or other non-bms people

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The mini remote is working amazing for me, the only issue i had is the power switch, you need to clic it all the way to the on position.

A lot of people were having isues with the Nano receiver though

Running a vesc on Lipo’s and eventually switch to a liion pack is ok I assume? I’m pretty sure I have decided to go with a vesc for sure. What are my limits as far as lipo pack size, 6s? 2x3S?

12s if the kv is under 190 or you can limit the erpm. Or 10s

I’m using the Tacon Bigfoot 160 which is 63mm and 245kv

beautiful green motor.