New build in Colorado 6374/ 12s2p/ VESC

Started ordering the goods already but need some guidance.

Blank board -ordered 218mm torque trucks and motor mount 90mm 78a Wheels-ordered Still deciding on a 3D printed enclosure from someone on here. 15/36 gearing (not set in stone) Focbox Undecided on remote benchwheel or mini 12s2p battery pack Miami w/on off switch 6374 190kv

My question is what KV would be optimal cause I know there is concern with the rpm’s with that big of a battery?

Go focbox and u should be fine

170-190kv is ideal for you

Thank you for the help I will be going with the focbox and the 190KV motor.

If u need the drivetrain hmu

What kind of range could I get with this setup?